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Fat Thanks and Good News

23 February 2001

I want to start with a big fat thank you to everyone who has read my articles for hanging in there with me and offering so much emotional support, which has ultimately led to the survival of the for the past 42 weeks. Often I have been saved by your comments when times were discouraging. Now the vision I had is spreading. Soon you will be able to access all your gambling information online for not only Lake Tahoe, but Reno, Sparks, Las Vegas, and Laughlin, too! Interactive maps, gaming news, casino links, and if I can talk them into it.... the same wonderful concept of being able to view the progressive jackpot amounts by casino on a daily basis. In fact, if you really like the idea of being able to follow what the jackpots are growing to, and when they hit, and you want to see them online daily from all areas, you can help me out and email me, and I will make sure that the casino corporations get the comments, and not your personal data. Just drop your comments to me at:

I am proud to announce that I am merging energies with one of the largest online gambling sites in the world, and will be offering all kinds of casino information and promotions in the near future. Check here in the near future for more details!

If you need a map that allows you to zoom and customize, there is a clickable map on not only the, but also a nice map on the, and on the as well. The maps are really nifty, and you can print the maps easily at the scale you desire. Good maps that are free to use and offer very detailed or very wide glimpses of all areas.

Back to Lake Tahoe....

Snow.... snow..... snow. And more snow. It was an incredibly packed President's Day weekend as skiers and shredders in search of all the feet of fresh powder that has fallen recently descended on the mountain top, along with the droves of college students on break, as well as loads of gamblers who have been hearing about the HOT games of Tahoe. Even more snow fell over the weekend, it snowed this morning, it is supposed to snow Thursday, dry out Friday, and snow again over the weekend. Even some of the so-called mountains (really hills to us...) overlooking the San Francisco Bay area are supposed to see snow by Thursday morning.... somewhere just above the 2000 foot level.

Lots of jackpots went over the weekend, and I witnessed some awfully sweet looking jackpots going home with new owners. That is the fun part of getting the progressive jackpots by visiting all the casinos in the wee hours of the morning. I get hugs, and I get high-fives, and I give smiles and hugs back. It is personally a warming experience. Plus I get the scoop on what my fellow gamblers want to see in their gaming futures.... Do you have an idea about what you want to see in the future in your gambling environment? Do you love or hate certain slot machines? Do you have a gripe? A giggle? Don't hold out on me.... share it... here's my email again.... Don't be shy.... everything I do on the web is designed for the gamblers who love to gamble.... because I'm one of you guys... really. I don’t want to burden you with corporate versions of interactivity.... I don’t want to bore you with corporate post cards called websites. I am out to help change our future as gamblers, and to give us a voice, a collective voice. If you settle for what the slot manufacturer’s give you and what the casinos give you because you think what you have to say does not matter, then please rethink the whole thing. We can change our future, and we can do that by establishing communications between ourselves and the casinos and the slot makers. If they think you are happy with everything at present, then you can just expect more of the same thing in your future.

I am giving everyone a chance to comment, and I will post your comment if you ask me to post it. I didn’t think one person could really make much of an impact on the gaming industry when I started the’s and look what a wild ride I got on.... You too can make a difference... just an email away. These websites will be positioned so that you can have your say and make a difference.

Now that the holiday is over and the crowds are gone, I encourage all who want a change of scenery to come to Lake Tahoe and visit the casinos.. Caesars Tahoe is still treating the Emperor’s Club members to all kinds of treats and rewards, Harrah’s is going the extra mile with the west end remodel, Harveys is setting the stage for all kinds of special events in the spring, the Horizon Casino is still adding new slots, and it seems like every other day I spot something new.... the Lakeside Inn still has the most easily accessed Sports Book, and the only progressive quarter keno jackpots in town, and there is still that giant blue lake surrounded by serene snow-covered peaks.... where else on the planet can you find that? GAMBLE TAHOE......