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ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Reno

19 April 2003

Well, the Great Outdoor Games are headed west for the first time. They’ve been in Lake Placid, N.Y. for three highly successful years, but this year we have them in Reno.... and they’ll be in Tahoe too.... so if you like dogs, adventure, fishing, logging, etc.... make your destination Reno this summer. It all happens July 10-13.... and it is going to be a terrific boost for Reno. ESPN games in the daytime, and lots and lots of Reno casino games in the evenings... wow... something for everyone here! The activities will include bass fishing (we don’t know where that will be yet) and fly-fishing in the Truckee River, home of brown and rainbow trout... And there will be all kinds of lumberjack competitions, as well as sporting dogs in the Sparks Marina... it’ll be spread out, it will be fun, and admission is FREE and it will be four days of heavy competition in a festive atmosphere that will include an interactive sponsor village and give you a chance to meet top outdoor athletes from around the world.

So mark it on your calendar for something different to do this summer. And bring the whole family if you can. There’s so much history and so much to do here, it would be a shame to not at least make an attempt to bring the whole gang. Every one of the casinos will have a hotel package for this, but it might be a good thing to try to reserve now. Phone numbers and hotel information is available on the RENO GAMING GUIDE. This is going to be one heckuva big event!

Gold Dust West, located at Fourth and Vine in Reno has a few new slots in the door again. That place really keeps a new inventory going, and if you blink, you could miss them inserting even more slots. They’ve added Mummy Hunter, Dream Maker, Beach Party, Crocodile Cash, Jumping Jackpots, Dragon Gold, Andy Capp, and Atlantica. Also, don’t forget about their Super Spin Progressive... this promotion lets club members use earned tickets to enter into this promo every Saturday night from 7-10 PM.... Minimum progressive amount on the wheel is $10,000... on the 9th week it was hit for $18,000, and on the 11th week it was hit for $12,000. They even have some way that the customer can call in to have tickets printed in advance.... you can stop by the booth and pick up a business card with the club extension on it to call.

Tamarack Junction out on the very south end of Virginia Street has all kinds of new features on games that I really like. If you want to play keno and play the new video games that IGT has, like 20-card keno, they have much higher payouts on the nickel versions than any casino I have found these games in, to this date. They have an auto-play feature.... great for the terminally lazy or short of attention span.... or if you just want to drink something and have a conversation... just push auto-play, and the game plays itself on the numbers you chose. I love this feature. You can stop it at any time and go back to manual play, but it’s hard to get away from. Tamarack Junction is also the home of ticket-in, ticket-out technology. Hallelujah! Coins are so grimy and disgusting, slot manufacturers had crummy hopper designs, people used those hoppers to dump their cigarette crapola in, you couldn’t wear white to a casino and possibly come out still white unless you played only table games.... it ruined manicures digging up coins. I personally could care less if I ever hear the sound of coins clanging into the tray, it wasn’t the attraction to me like most thought it should be. As long as I win, and as long as I get paid, I will be happy.... who the heck really cares about mountains of heavy and disgustingly filthy coins anyway? ./P>

Keno is coming to your computer from Reno... Live! Boomtown Reno started it, making keno available on your computer, giving you the opportunity to watch as the numbers roll, and to be able to check the results for up to 2000 games. Now the Atlantis has joined in, and I am sure that many more will be joining in. Great news for people who play up to a thousand games with a year to collect. Now you can keep track, no matter where you are!

GUMBALL 3000 Rally moved through Reno Thursday night... a wonderful idea, something different, and it was all at Circus Circus .... if you ever saw the movie, Cannonball Run.... well, this race is supposed to be something like that.... This is the fifth annual Gumball 3000 Rally, and it brought $40 million worth of cars and a host of celebrities to Reno... just for a few hours, they were to depart at 3 AM. About 150 cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, McLarens, Bentleys and limos rolling into town. Celebrities were expected to appear on the Circus Circus Midway until 3, and included Jack Osbourne (y’know, Ozzie’s kid) cast members of the TV show "Jackass" as well as rock singer "Pink" and Motocross World Champion, Carey Hart, and skaters and BMX riders Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman. There were autograph and photo opportunities. This Gumball 3000 pit stops and parties are scheduled for San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Miami. The six-day rally starts at San Francisco and ends in Miami. Something different, something fun, and it was here and is gone. When in Reno, don’t blink.. You might miss something!

I’m off to my mini-vacation. Like I said, people handle the time you can stay at RV parks differently. I have to leave every 28 days. I think it’s dumber than dumb, but they are copying another RV Park that does that (which is funny, because when I go there, they are copying this one) on the premise that they absolutely have to do this to maintain control over the people so that they don’t become a "residential" park. Which is all B.S. and I doubt very much that either one of the parks has a clue about the Innkeeper’s Laws or anything close to it as a control device... but I let them both play their little game, shut up and move every month, but I sure do a lot of head shaking over it. You see, I had a real estate license for the better part of 25 years, and I have little faith in people who do things the way they do because they "GUESS" they have to. So much for the common sense department of some places. Anyway, enough said....

I’ve got most of the subscribers to the Reno-Tahoe Gambling Weekly back, after the computer crash of recent, but if you recently subscribed and haven’t been getting anything from me, you may have been missed, so please, please, please.... go re-subscribe. And while you’re at it, look around and find events you like, and make reservations. Summer is going to be a blast.... it always is in Reno. So start packing, and look me up when you get here!