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Coming Back from the Dead

26 February 2002

The Gaming Guides were almost the end of me.... so what was the first thing I did after escrow closed, and I had moved from my Tahoe home of 16 years? I promptly renewed everything to do with the Gaming Guides, bought a 22' motor home, bought a laptop, and a cell phone, and committed myself to continuing on, with one exception.... I plan to do everything bigger and better than ever. I also picked up some new domains.... dot info sites... and which I plan to develop while I am on the road. As far as the, the, and the you can look for them to resume being full service information sites once again in about 30 days. Besides the commitment to the Gaming Guides, I am bringing back the United Gambler's Association.... new name, and plans include to fully develop that as the "collective" voice for gamblers everywhere, including the always popular "Gambling Gripes," where the disgruntled can air their gripes with a casino, and attempt to find some sort of resolution... Why not air your gripe and let the casino have a chance at resolving it?... it has worked time and time again.

Currently I am parked in my little "Gambling-Mobile" in Minden, NV.... bottom of the mountain from Lake Tahoe.... a peaceful valley tucked in between snow-capped mountain peaks, with cattle in the pastures, where the Sands Regency is planning to build a small casino, and hotel, with RV spaces, and a residential neighborhood with shopping. Currently home to the Carson Valley Inn, a beautiful local casino, with a hotel, RV resort, motor lodge, and amenities too numerous to count.... I've eaten several meals at their "Katie's" restaurant.... and haven't found anything not qualified as absolutely delicious... and the RV Resort offers all utilities including Cable TV, a laundry room with a data port, and great shower facilities.... your "room key" is also good for access to the pool and spa over at the Carson Valley Inn.... down the street used to be the fabled "Sharkey's" casino... which used to be the neatest place to take anybody visiting, even when residing in Tahoe... primarily because of the vast number of collectibles gracing every wall in the place, from seats at the bar made out of real saddles, yes, you'd mount up to get a beer.... to the silver saddle collection, to the boxing memorabilia and the rodeo memorabilia of days gone by.... under new ownership now... I was immensely disappointed when I entered last week, and found the walls stark naked of the familiar, and auction notices posted on the walls, indicating that what the new owner had said about "keeping things the same" to be barren of any worth.... I simply walked in one door and exited as quickly as I had entered.... to me it was the loss of a tremendous landmark, historically worth preserving, and to see it barren and void of its charm was one of the sadder moments.

In about a week, I will be departing from Minden in my "Gambling-Mobile...." headed for Las Vegas.... attempting to put all the pieces of my puzzle back together again, free of roots, free of ties to Tahoe, and full of hope for the future. I will be developing the web sites as I travel.... having carefully put all the needed programs together into the laptop.... and reporting on the gambling as I travel.... Once again, I feel as if I have come back from the dead.... with spirit and hopes intact, for a brighter and better future than ever before. Maybe I will just be chasing rainbows, and then again.... maybe being untied to any particular region will be the magic key that I have needed all along. I still have faith in my ideas, and I still don't know how to quit... it's good to be back!