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Anybody Want a Winning Combo?

13 October 2000

How about 150 progressive jackpot amounts, loads of happy people lugging large buckets of coins, fat wallets, pine trees, an alpine lake, snow-capped mountains, clean air, friendly people, and forest critters all in one super pretty location? Yep, Lake Tahoe has all that--and more.

Money is still flowing into the hands and wallets of gamblers in Tahoe... Everywhere I go people are getting paid some sizeable amounts of cash. While no one that I personally know of became a millionaire over the last week, the casinos were still dishing out tens of thousands of dollars. You don't have to be overly "lucky"... You don't have to spend tons of money.... All you have to do is come to Lake Tahoe!

The Horizon Casino has signed up as a sponsor of the, which means we will be offering more news and deals from them, plus you can visit their website for additional information via the link on their progressive jackpots page! Also, if you want some really exciting Halloween action, you might want to think about visiting the lake... There are so many great parties, in and out of the casinos...but the Grandaddy of all is the Freaker's Ball, and that friends, is at the Horizon!

Lakeside Inn is filling up their new sportsbook with people viewing their favorite sporting events on the 31 televisions... You can't sit anywhere and miss not seeing any action... The betting action is great, the place is chock full of friendly smiling faces... And if you don't visit during your trip to Tahoe, you are really missing out on something! Also coming up is their $10,000 Slot and Video Poker Tournament on Saturday, October 21st... 96 players... or let's just say 95 other lucky players and myself will be there, going for the "gold", so to speak. Registration is only $25... And if you need a place to lay your head in between all the gambling, you can sure find some great lodging packages on their progressive jackpots page... Click on the "deal" of your choice!

Harrah's former Director of Marketing, Skip Sayre, is now down in Vegas at the Rio.... Sure seems empty around town... After nearly 20 years of community service in Lake Tahoe, there will be a large hole in our fabric. I thought about it for a while today, and then decided I would just call him up and tell him how much people already miss him. But he happily reports that Las Vegas is exciting, and he is looking forward to his new position at the Rio. Meanwhile, I guess I will have to find some new ankles to bite at Harrah's in order to get their sponsorship of my website! Look friends, if you want some large $$ to play for, you just have to go to Harrah's Lake Tahoe. I sort of drool my way through everyday when I am out "harvesting" the progressives (day 253 today, for the people counting)... There are so many various offerings to shoot for and, naturally, since I work pretty much for my own self still... I have to stop and toss a few coins here and there on my way through! You can also access their new promotion, in which your email address might win you $5000, if you click on the banner on their progressives page.

Caesars Tahoe has the Moody Blues upcoming on the 20th and 21st, they still offer the chance to win a million bucks by using your Emperor's Club card (...Free.. Free.. Free..) with their "Break the Bank" promotion, plus terrific chances on Saturday nights in Cleopatra's Lounge with their "second chance" party... And now they are doing the "Road to Riches" with a chance to participate in daily slot tournaments, culminating in the Grand Finale tournament, where player's have a chance to win $100,000 cash...details on their jackpots page by clicking on the chariot racing Roman.... And check out the NFL parties and opportunities to win neat stuff by clicking on the football also on their progressive jackpots page!

Harveys just ended the daily tournaments at the end of September, so the lucky finalists from their "Play a Year on Us" get to compete for $100,000 worth of REEL REWARDS cards....with that final tournament happening on November 3rd. If you like top name talent in an intimate setting for the most reasonable price ($15), then you need to check out the LIVE LEGENDS concert series.... These people never quit rocking...yeah! GO TEAM HARVEYS! And you can find all that stuff, who's going to be there, dates, prices, number to call...on their jackpots page! Such a talented line-up to enjoy in the intimate Cabaret Theater, it only holds 300!

After reformatting the, I have added a MAP OF LAKE TAHOE, and under the map some important Lake facts... And I am in the process of vamping a history of gambling at the Lake, plus the events calander... Should have that all up by the middle of this weekend, but the map is there now. If you want anything else added, just email me... And if you have any suggestions on how to survive WITHOUT a phone company.... PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Pacific Bell and AT&T are giving me a real run for my empty pockets.... And I seem to spend about as much time fighting that battle as I do marketing the website! After 253 straight days, I think that is the cause of my headaches! This whole thing has taken MONTHS longer than anticipated... And while I am getting adept at running on empty, I am dreading the winter heating and phone bills.... And have the nightmares to prove it!

For all those who prefer winter to all seasons... It arrived yesterday in Tahoe. Nearby Boreal Ridge ski area on Interstate 80 on Donner Summit got a foot of fresh powder yesterday; it is still scattering snowflakes at the Lake, and everyone that can is making snow. While ski areas at the Lake generally do not open until Thanksgiving, there is talk of early openings... And Boreal, which traditionally tries to open on Halloween, is thinking about upping that date. Tune those skis up, find the thermal underwear, and get ready... It looks like a cold and promising winter for the slopes! Any more questions? Just email me, I will always take time to answer.... But please double-check your email address before you send... I have had a couple of answers returned. You can get me at C'ya when you get here!