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$$$ Here, $$$ There, $$$ Everywhere

2 November 2002

That's the thought that went through my mind as I updated the Tournaments section of the yesterday. I was working furiously on getting everything up to date, and I was amazed at the number of new tournaments that had cropped up. Cars, cash, cruises, more cars, more cash... keno, poker, blackjack, and slot tournaments. It could be a career for the prize junkie...or the realization of a dream for the rest of us. John Ascuaga's Nugget has added loads of stuff into the schedule..a Keno Tournament on November 9, a Theme Slot Tournament on November 8-11, November 15-17 is a Craps Tournament, November 16 is a Bingo Blowout, November 17 is an Atomic Bingo Party and November 22-24 is the Winners Weekend Slot Tournament. That's on top of all the other stuff, including John's $125,000 Cruise n' Cash Giveaway.... you can win a cruise to Mexico with the Ascuaga family.... get your details from John's Club.... This one runs until November 17th. Then, both The Peppermill and the Reno Hilton (yes, I said them both in the same sentence....) have so many things going on.... from poker to slots, that you just better take a look for yourself, click on the link above, and check out the tournaments going on in Reno. There seems to be something for just about everyone! And, if you know of some I have missed, send me an e-mail... at

I only made one of the Virginia Street casinos this week, before I was slowed down by a cold... something I don't usually get, but... nonetheless leaving me happy I only have to deal with people by e-mail for the next couple of days.... that, and yet another trip to the dentist... prepping for crowns... as in major yuk. Teeth.... my dentist wants to save them, I keep trying to give him a pair of pliers.... it's an ongoing battle.

But, I did get into the Silver Legacy..... so amazing each and every time. It's massive dome encapsulating a massive replica of a Comstock Mining Machine.... the final product being silver coins minted and sent by chutes into a special bank of slot machines.... if you have ever seen this colossus come to life, and seen the coins dropping into the hopper tops of the slots, you know what I'm saying.... if you haven't, put it on the list. I think it shudders to life every two hours from noon on.... The inside of the dome is a laser sky light show.... you'll see. Put this all in a Victorian setting with the finest imported this and thats, and brick, and brack.... mixed with some awful hot slots... Doesn't matter when I go... seems like somebody is always winning on the dollar slots at the base of the escalators.... big jackpots... worth talking about amounts of money. I've been taking my pull for $10 million, and still astounded as to how many piles of hundred dollar bills that Just a portion would probably save me for a very long time... the whole amount is almost unfathomable. While I never come close to winning the big money, I seem to do very well in special Silver Legacy gifts... decks of cards, dice, a slot glove.... at least I usually take something home that will remind me of the Silver Legacy every time I look at it. (And the slot glove had this grippy surface that converted to a jar opener!)

It's been a long couple of weeks. My recent move into one spot had led to me discovering that my phone worked on the line, but my modem did not. At first I blamed my computer... until computer number two did the same thing.... connect for a nanosecond, disconnect, and then both computers would dredge up dial-up connections I did not know they had. Pulling my hair out in frustration, I finally narrowed it down, and eventually had to move again.... life in a cracker box..... er.... RV.... It did lead to me having to work almost around the clock to put things back together again.... And I think that is where I caught the cold that slowed me down, just when I wanted to do a run up one side of Virginia Street, and down the other. Normally, I'd prefer making this run graveyard.... But with temperatures in the mid-20s in the mornings, and the remnants of the rare near-killer cold still sucking at my system, I think I'll look for the next warm, sunny day. This has convinced me that humankind was meant to be occasionally steamed, and sometimes baked. I'm off to do both.

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