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California bad beat jackpot hits for over $37,000

7 September 2011

PLACERVILLE, California -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Red Hawk Casino's poker room saw another Texas Hold'em Bad Beat jackpot. Nine lucky poker players shared a $37,029 payout.

Ronald from Placerville was dealt pocket aces, a very strong hand that he thought would be a winner. Another avid poker player at the table was dealt pocket kings. The flop was dealt king, king, ace. Ronald flopped Aces Full of Kings and his opponent flopped four kings. This qualified the table for the Bad Beat Jackpot of $37,029. Ronald's "losing hand" earned him the top payout of $18,517; his opponent received $9,258, while the remaining seven players at the table each received $1,322. A Bad Beat jackpot is paid when a normally "unbeatable" hand is played, but does lose to an even stronger hand.

This is one in a string of recent Poker Room jackpots. A $25,608 Bad Beat jackpot was paid out earlier this summer to six lucky poker room players and another $95,608 Bad Beat Jackpot was shared by nine players in May.

The 70-seat poker room is located on the non-smoking level at Red Hawk Casino. It features Texas Hold'em limit and no-limit style games with stakes that accommodate all levels of play. The poker room includes several flat screen TVs and tableside dining.

Red Hawk Casino hosts daily Texas Hold'em tournaments at 10 a.m. and at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

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