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Vicky Nolan

Winstreak Strives to Acquire Licensees

25 October 2000

Officials at IGN Internet Global Network Inc., who have operated its flagship gaming site, Casinos of the World, since 1997, seem to be following the old maxim that you should stick with what you know. This was more evident than ever in late July, when the company's Winstreak subsidiary debuted its complete turnkey licensing program featuring Casinos of the World software version 3.0.

Since then, Winstreak's first licensee has launched its own site at . The new online casino is the first from what Winstreak spokesman Jason Van Bergen hopes will be many new licensees. After announcing their foray into the licensing arena, Van Bergen said, the long-time operator has begun negotiating with a half dozen seriously interested parties, along with dozens of "tire kickers" checking into the Net betting biz.

Why should future casino proprietors go with Winstreak? "We're operators and have been operators for a number of years," says Van Bergen. Thanks to their years operating Casinos of the World, Winstreak executives can share their own operational expertise as well as software and technical expertise with new licensees. "We have very strong software," he adds, "and we think we have rendered the games very well. We have a strong, all round package."

That package includes a lot. As part of their turn key operation, Winstreak offers a complete software package with licensing from St. Kitts, fully customized Java-based casino software boasting unique 3-D graphics and logos, free customer and technical support, marketing consultation, online transaction processing and reporting, and participation in IGN's progressive jackpot program. The company's core development team will also develop unique new games with a quick three to four week turnaround. The basic casino package includes blackjack, slots, video poker, video keno and roulette, all boasting the company's rich graphics.

According to Van Bergen, the features that really set Winstreak apart from its competitors begin with two special offerings: 8-line slots and combined progressive games. The 8-line slots, a non-traditional type of slot machine, was licensed by Winstreak from a company in Japan which holds the patent. This popular game gives players eight chances to win, instead of the more common single line on typical slot games. "Players really like it," Van Bergen said. "It's very popular with slot aficionados since more winning takes place."

Winstreak's combined progressive slots, similar to programs available from some other companies, is another feature likely to be popular with customers. "The licensees will be able to participate in pooled progressives," Van Bergen adds. It adds to the overall fun for customers, and boosts the overall jackpot available to winning players. Licensees can also offer games with small chip values, as low as a penny, like nickel slot machines.

Van Bergen stressed that each licensee will have its own unique look and feel. One way to achieve that, he explained, is through the use of their state-of-the-art sound systems. "We can stream MP3 files, for example, for state-of-the-art sounds…for sound effects and music," he explains, which is possible through Winstreak's 16-bit stereo and MIDI sound capability.

"Each licensee will look and feel different," Van Bergen continues, "so different that the end user won't be able to tell--all because of the high level of customized graphics and sounds."

Winstreak will soon have another unique tool to offer its licensees. As more licensees sign with the company, Van Bergen says Winstreak will begin developing a special feature--a broadcasting and advertising window that will support rotating advertisements and messages. Calling it a "nice little feature," he explained that it will be "something that provides content and value to sites." This project has to wait, however, while the company builds traffic to currently operating sites.

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Vicky Nolan
Vicky Nolan