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Vicky Nolan

The IGN Data Hub - Jan 12, 2000

12 January 2000

Spending Tendencies in the U.S. has found that nearly half of American adults will probably make an online purchase sometime this year. A telephone survey by ABC found that 93 percent of all respondents who had shopped online last year were likely to repeat the experience. Plus, the research found that the higher the education level of Internet users, the more likely they are to shop online.

Windows 2000 a Bust?
More than half of development managers plan to delay any Windows 2000 application writing, while nearly a third have no plans to work with the newest Windows operating system, according to Evans Marketing Services. The survey also found an increased interest in Linux and Open Source Software.

Laptop Sales Could Be on the Rise
A study by DisplaySearch, a flat panel display market research and consulting firm, found that larger screens, greater pixel count on the screens, stable prices and increased production will help drive notebook computer sales to $9.95 million in 2000.

A Need for Speed
Nielsen/Net Ratings data shows that computer users with faster Internet connections now make up the majority of total surfers. In visits per person, those with higher speed access visit the Internet 83 percent more and view 130 percent more pages than visits by those using mid-speed modems.

EarlyBird Vies for the E-Commerce Worm, an electronic investment bank, has released a research report that provides an in-depth overview of the e-commerce industry. The report covers such topics as the size and growth of them market, benefits to consumers and retailers, advertising revenues, the new economics and industry valuations. EBC is selling both the full report and segmented reports broken down by individual companies.

An E-Biz Forecast for Europe
Europe's online business and consumer trade will grow at triple-digit rates over the next five years, reaching up to 1.4 trillion by 2004, according to Forrester Research B.V. An increased e-commerce offering will spur online trade up to 36 billion, shrinking the e-commerce gap between Europe and the U.S. Unfortunately, Forrester found that most of the growth would be in Northern Europe, threatening a divide in Europe of "haves" vs. "have-nots."

E-Commerce on the Rise in China
A report by International Data Corporation estimates that Internet commerce in China will reach $220 million this year. Plus, Wenhui Daily reports that current e-commerce falls into two categories--purely online companies and "clicks and mortar" firms that have both actual and virtual sales sites. The paper also found that due to limited income for users and an incomplete payment and delivery system for many online retailers would hinder Internet growth for the short term.

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Vicky Nolan
Vicky Nolan