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Vicky Nolan

Is Time on Your Side?

12 January 2000

It's now possible to provide provable, accurate, secure and audited time stamping of wagers placed at your site. With the growth of a e-commerce, accurate timekeeping has become an increasingly important issue. By using time stamps, online gaming sites can offer unprecedented accuracy and record-keeping in the event of any transaction time disputes.

While timekeeping standards haven't been developed for the online gaming industry, one company is proposing their adoption. CertifiedTime, based in the United States, suggests that the cyber betting biz should be the leader in developing advanced time stamping standards as part of the "Best Computing Practices Model."

At the same time, two organizations based in London are working together to develop accurate time stamping methods for e-commerce transactions. Inaccurate time keeping methods can lead to regulatory and legal problems for several industries, such as stock exchanges, where the actual time of a sale can be crucial.

Admittedly, most gambling transactions aren't quite so time-sensitive, but the use of time stamping may increase the value and reputation of your service. IGN spoke with executives from two companies--CertifiedTime and U.K.-based LINX--to get their perspective on the topic.

Click here to read about CertifiedTime.

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Vicky Nolan
Vicky Nolan