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Richard N. Velotta

Las Vegas notches all-time high for visitors in October

1 December 2015
Las Vegas had its highest monthly visitor volume in history in October when 3.78 million people came to Southern Nevada for work or play. Thanks to an additional weekend date in October compared with last year and a double-digit percentage increase in convention attendance due to favorable show rotations, ... (read more)

McCarran tops 4 million passengers for second month of 2015

25 November 2015
Passenger traffic at McCarran International Airport broke the 4 million mark for the second time this year, all but assuring that the airport that serves Las Vegas will have more passengers in 2015 than last year. The 4.1 million passengers recorded in October was the highest monthly total this year. ... (read more)

Nevada Taxicab Authority approves record number of cabs

20 November 2015
The Nevada Taxicab Authority board on Thursday approved an unprecedented allocation of new cabs, a move that will likely raise the ire of cab drivers who already believe there are too many of them on the road. The five-member board unanimously approved 30 cabs per company — 480 between the 16 companies operating in Clark County. ... (read more)

XPressWest in pole position for high-speed rail

19 November 2015
Representatives of the Nevada High-Speed Rail Authority heard some fascinating transportation concepts Wednesday. An electric car that could drive on conventional streets, then move seamlessly onto a guideway where it would become a high-speed transport vehicle. A suspended monorail system powered by solar and wind energy, using an aircraft fuselage and capable of speeds of up to 250 mph. ... (read more)

Allegiant Air to discontinue service between US mainland, Hawaii

18 November 2015
Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air will say aloha to Hawaii and end its nonstop service between the U.S. mainland and Honolulu in August. Representatives of the company announced to employees Monday and Tuesday that it would retire its Boeing 757 fleet instead of undertaking the expense of "D check" maintenance, ... (read more)

New ordinance forces Uber, Lyft drivers to get small business license in Las Vegas

18 November 2015
Contracted drivers for ride-hailing companies will be required to have Clark County business licenses to operate and their companies will be required to provide a monthly report listing who they are. In two unanimous votes, the commission approved ordinances Tuesday that will require drivers to pay an annual $25 business license fee to drive for a transportation network company in the county. ... (read more)

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval delivers upbeat tourism talk

18 November 2015
If Brian Sandoval ever gets tired of his gubernatorial gig, he can easily line up a job promoting the state of Nevada. Sandoval presented a speech that was part pep talk, part thank-you note and part congratulatory remarks to about 300 attending his Global Tourism Summit on Tuesday at Hilton Lake Las Vegas. ... (read more)

High praise for Nevada marketing campaign focusing on adventures

17 November 2015
Nevada Tourism Commission members got their first look at the state's newest tourism marketing campaign Monday, applauding a new approach that focuses more on experiencing the adventures visitors can have in the state than beautiful landscapes of Lake Tahoe or the Valley of Fire. The television ad campaign ... (read more)

Monorail to McCarran still too expensive, executive says

14 November 2015
When Curtis Myles goes to a family barbecue this weekend, he'll likely get this question from his dad before hellos are exchanged: "When is the monorail going to be extended to the airport?" It's now a standing joke for Myles, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Monorail, which operates the elevated 3.9-mile system east of the Strip. ... (read more)

Allegiant Air to offer new flights out of Las Vegas

6 November 2015
Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air began one of its largest expansions in years Thursday with the launch of several new flights, including six a week to and from McCarran International Airport. The discount carrier, a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Co., began flights to and from Oklahoma City and St. Louis on Thursday and will inaugurate service to and from San Antonio on Friday. ... (read more)

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