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Resorts World Las Vegas releases 100,000 ladybugs to benefit property landscape

7 April 2022

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Resorts World Las Vegas announced today that in collaboration with its partner Park West and in preparation for Earth Day, over 100,000 ladybugs were released throughout the property’s outdoor landscape on Wednesday, 6 April. The release is part of Resorts World Las Vegas’s integrated pest management program, minimizing the resort’s use of pesticides and benefiting the Las Vegas Valley.

Resorts World Las Vegas’s ladybug release will naturally reduce the property’s use of pesticides to kill aphids, mealybug, scale, leaf hoppers, mites and other insects that attack the landscape and damage plants and foliage. Each year, Las Vegas is plagued with aphids that attack the city’s oaks, pines, citrus, flowers, herbs and vegetables. The ladybugs will singlehandedly take care of a major portion of these insects, traveling up to 75 miles away from the resort’s campus to eat the bugs and reduce the average Las Vegas homeowner’s maintenance costs and exposure to pesticides.

“As part of our overall horticultural program, we are committed to finding better ways of managing our landscape and taking a gentler approach with natural solutions,” said Brendan Dellerba, Director of Horticulture and Floral for Resorts World Las Vegas. “This release of ladybugs is an effective way to reduce the need for harmful pesticides across our property’s landscape and the Las Vegas Valley. Not to mention, ladybugs have come to symbolize luck and prosperity, so with the release, it’s a great week to visit Resorts World Las Vegas.”

Park West, the landscape management company for Resorts World Las Vegas’s 88-acre property, collaborated on the development and donated the ladybugs for this release.

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