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Pala Casino runs ad campaign

2 April 2007

, California – (PRESS RELEASE) -- Everyday people try their luck at casinos in hopes of winning and every day casinos tell people how much better their facilities are in order to entice people to gamble. However, never before has a casino created an advertising campaign and prepared a DVD to teach people how not to win at their casino. So why is Pala Casino Spa and Resort running ads that teach people how to win zip at Pala?

According to Jerry Turk, CEO and Developer of Pala Casino, "We believe the Southern California market is saturated with casino advertising all saying the same thing over and over again -- best property, Las Vegas-style gaming, looser slots, better odds, be a winner. Everybody says the same thing, including us. We wanted to use humor in a contrary way to deliver our message to break through the clutter and get people's attention."

Turk further stated, "We also didn't want to entice people to gamble if they just wanted to visit Pala for our restaurants, hotel or spa. This is different from the conventional casino advertising seen throughout Southern California."

Pala's new ads, which break throughout Southern California on April 1, introduce Hoyt Monroe, a middle-aged, cigar smoking, former casino gambler, who has devised his "guaranteed proven methods" for not winning at Pala. The concept is simple: 'Stay out of the casino' and utilize Pala's other great amenities instead. However, as Hoyt says, "The guarantee does not apply if you gamble in any way at Pala."

Through a combination of television, print, radio and outdoor ads, Hoyt explains the various ways that guests can "win zip at Pala." These techniques include (before going to Pala) starving yourself so you can sample each of Pala's eight great restaurants, or staying up all night so you'll go directly to your room and stay in your luxury bed all day in Pala's Four-Diamond hotel.

Hoyt's instructional DVD, is being distributed free when ordered through his website Hoyt will also be making appearances at high profile events throughout the Southern California area.

M&C Saatchi North America, developers of break through ads for clients such as Australia Tourism ("Where the Bloody Hell Are You?"), the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park, and Ketel One Vodka (Dear Ketel One Drinker), created the campaign. According to Huw Griffith, CEO, M&C North America, "Pala was willing to go where no other casino has gone before with a provocative, funny and brutally simple idea that's sure to break through the clutter and increase market awareness."

Pala's $7 million advertising campaign is its first in 17 months. Said Turk, "We didn't see any point in spending money on advertising if we were just going to say the same thing as everybody else and thereby add to the clutter. "

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