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John Dutton

RivTrend I-Gaming Index Performs Well in January

6 February 2001

By John Dutton
The +11 percent January performance of the RivTrend Global I-Gaming Stock IndexTM increased its gain to +18.4 percent since its introduction in October 2000.

The Global Index is comprised of 15 stocks in North America, Europe and Australia representing the leading worldwide I-gaming companies. The North American Sub Index, which had suffered in December from tax loss selling, rose 24 percent in January. Its EuroAustralia counterpart was up 10 percent in January.

The North American Sub Index performance in January of +24 percent contrasts to only a 5.2 percent gain for the Russell 2000 in January. The NASDAQ National Market Composite by comparison rose only 12.2 percent. The leading performers in January in North America included Starnet Communications (+136 percent), CryptoLogic (+30 percent), AutoTote (+14 percent), and eLot (+6 percent). UBET was down (-29 percent).

At month end, the total market capitalization of North American stocks represented approximately 6 percent of the Global Index's total market capitalization of US$6.778 billion. At January month end, the North American sub Index was still down 14.5 percent since its October 2000 introduction.

The EuroAustralia Sub Index in January was up 10 percent with the biggest gain coming from Stanley Leisure (+31 percent). SL was followed by Boss Media (+13 percent) and Hilton Group (+11 percent). (SBT) debuted on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market at the end of January following a successful underwriting. It had previously traded on London's over the counter OFEX market.

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RivTrend Global I-Gaming Stock Index Performance

5 January 2001
Since its launch October 16, 2000, the RivTrend Global Index of the 15 leading I-gaming companies rose 6.6 percent through the year-end to 106.6. The move contrasts for the same period with a decline of 24 percent for the NASDAQ index and a decline in Q4 of 20.2 percent for the Russell 2000 Growth Stock Index. ... (read more)

North American I-Gaming Index on the Decline

1 December 2000
The decline in the market value of companies in our North America Index since October 16th has been $124 million, with 93 percent of this decline accounted for by just four of the eight stocks. In aggregate market value, eLOT has declined $41 million(52.6 percent), with CryptoLogic closely behind at $37 million (20.2%). ... (read more)
John Dutton
John Dutton