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NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event Day 4 notebook

11 April 2010

UNCASVILLE, Connecticut -- As the field continued to wind its way down to the final eight, only two tables were being used, and players at both tables began to show interest at the goings on at the opposing table.

Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy was was often seen checking out the action when he was out of a hand.


Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy took keen interest on the goings on of the other table. (photo by Vin Narayanan)

This was especially true during a showdown between Peter Jetten and Michael Woods. Both players were all-in -- Jetten with pocket 10s and Woods with pocket aces. The entire table was surrounded, because both players were pretty close in chips, so a loss would mean an almost certain elimination.

Woods' pocket aces held up, and Jetten was left with only 40,000 in chips. He tripled-up his next hand, but was eliminated the following hand by Zachary Fritz.


It was a rough afternoon for Dale Jamison. He began the day with 1.687 million in chips, which was the third highest chip stack in the field.

After the first level, he was down to 1.01 million, which wasn't great but definitely still manageable.

But before the second level ended, he busted out of the tournament. Jamison lost three key hands on his way to 20th place. Two of them were against Andrew Ferguson, who was seated directly across the table from Jamison. The first came when he couldn't beat Ferguson's two-pair of aces and jacks. That hand cost him about 350,000 in chips.

Dale Jamison

Dale Jamison's mighty chip stack was reduced to nothing by the second level. (photo by Vin Narayanan)

Shortly after the break, Ferguson further crippled Jamison after Jamison moved all-in pre-flop. Ferguson called instantly and flipped over pocket queens. Jamison showed AS-6S, and he was behind. A spade hit on the flop, and another on the turn, but the river was a diamond. Jamison lost 674,000 chips on that hand.

The end came a few hands later, as he moved all-in pre-flop. Vanessa Selbst called with AH-JD, which was ahead of Jamison's AS-10S. The board was all red with no tens, which was no help for Jamison.

He walked away with $19,000.


Phil Ivey might be gone, but the players still want to see Tiger Woods and The Masters.

The big screen projector that updated the times left for each level and how many players were left was facing away from the three tables. Vanessa Selbst asked a tournament official if the projection screen for the Ladies Only event be swapped for the Main Event. The change was made and now the Main Event players had a clearer look at the clock.

But that might not have mattered in a few hours, as Peter Jetten quipped that the screen should show The Masters when coverage starts later in the afternoon.

"Yeah, at 2:00 we want the golf," replied Mike Beasley.

Well, the golf didn't start until 3:30 p.m. And, alas, the two big projection screens did not show any of the action from Augusta National.


The banter at the tables quieted down considerably when play moved from three tables to two. Most of the banter, in fact, came from other parts of the convention center, as there was a "Ladies Only" and another no-limit tournament going on simultaneously.

For awhile, the only sounds emanating from the Main Event were the clicks of chips being shuffled.

Scott Seiver

Scott Seiver picked up his chatter once he won a few big pots. (photo by Vin Narayanan)

The banter picked up at one of the tables when Scott Seiver survived an all-in when he hit his flush on the turn. Seiver, who entered the day second in chips, had been running poorly during the first two levels. And his body might have felt the stress, as he was getting a massage about three hours into the day.

Not surprisingly, Seiver picked up his chatter after surviving his all-in. One of the lighter moments at the tail-end of Day 4 occurred when Seiver remarked to a spectator that he really loved the T-shirt he was wearing.

The T-shirt had a picture of the Virgin Mary with the caption "Abstinence is 99.99% effective."

The dealer had a chuckle after checking out the shirt as well.


Quote of the day: "I feel if I get heads-up I could get second."
--- Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy, on his chances against Vanessa Selbst


Team PokerStars Pros Dennis Phillips, Greg Raymer, Chad Brown and Barry Greenstein were seen milling around Mohegan Sun on Day 4.

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