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Chips fly and records fall at Full Tilt

29 October 2008

The record for the largest online no-limit hold'em pot was broken four times within 24 hours last weekend.

The previous mark was set on September 12th by "patatino," who won a $610,000 pot against Hac Dang.

According to the hand histories posted by, the record was first broken in a battle between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and "LarsLuzak."

"LarsLuzak" started the action by raising $3,000 preflop. Dwan called and the board flopped 9(c) 5(d) 2(s). Dwan checked and "LarsLuzak" raised $4,000. Dwan check-raised and threw in $12,700 and "LarsLuzak" called. The turn showed an A(c) and Dwan bet $24,700, which "LarsLuzak" called. The river brought the 7(h). Dwan bet $68,700. "LarsLuzak" pushed all-in for $270,832. Dwan called and showed 9(d) A(d). "LarsLuzak" showed 6(d) 4(s), missing a straight. Dwan's top two pair won the $617,968 pot.

Dwan's epic night was only just beginning, though. Next, he was involved with another huge hand with John Juanda. Both traded raises preflop before Dwan moved all-in for $338,503. Juanda made the call and showed pocket kings. Dwan had pocket aces. Dwan led until the river, when one of the remaining two kings showed on the board. Juanda took down the $678,069 pot, setting a new record.

Phil Ivey was the next pro to get a piece of the action. Dwan's chip stack had dwindled to $2,468. After Juanda raised preflop to $4,500, Dwan moved all-in. Ivey raised to $16,697. Juanda then re-raised to $54,370, with Ivey calling. The flop showed A(c) 5(s) 10(s). Ivey checked to Juanda, who bet $112,207. Ivey then pushed all-in for an additional $175,201. Juanda called with K(s) 8(s), a flush draw. Ivey had flopped a set with pocket 10s. A spade did not hit on the turn or the river and Ivey collected the record $687,622.

The record-setting weekend concluded nine hours later, with Dwan once again smack dab in all the action. Di "urindanger" Dang raised $3,000 preflop and Dwan re-raised to $16,300. Dang then re-raised $45,000 and Dwan called. The flop showed 5(c) 9(h) 4(h). Dwan checked over to Dang, who bet $52,700. Dwan went over-the-top for $139,500. Dang then moved all-in for $314,970 total. Dwan called and showed pocket kings. Dang showed pocket aces. Unlike Dwan's previous battle with"LarsLuzak," the pocket aces held up and Dang took home the new record pot of $723,938.

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