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Barry M. Horstman Gaming Guru

Barry M. Horstman

Humour: 10 Reasons Steve Wynn May Close the Art Gallery at his Las Vegas Resort

24 October 2005

By Barry M. Horstman, Las Vegas Sun
10. Grew tired of people asking, 'Where's the black velvet 'Elvis With a Tear'?

9. Calculated that his casino was losing $173,485.61 every minute visitors spent gawking at the paintings instead of playing the slots or blackjack

8. Cocktail waitress spilled a vodka on a $12 million Renoir

7. Sadly learned that the average tourist is more interested in the Blue Man Group than Picasso's Blue Period

6. Retaliation over snobby art critics' refusal to declare his caricature of Wayne Newton a masterpiece

5. If you want to see nudes in Vegas, you go to La Femme or Palomino, not an art gallery to look at a painting of some 19th century chicks sitting on a picnic blanket in the woods

4. Disappointed that the salad bar in the Impressionist wing never took off

3. Body painting booth to attract hip younger patrons drew backlash from arts purists

2. Frustrated over constantly being confused with the "Starving Artists -- No Painting Over $29.95" show at the Las Vegas Convention Center

1. Steve and Elaine really need the Van Gogh to cover a nasty water spot on their living room wall -- Barry M. Horstman

Copyright © Las Vegas Sun. Inc. Republished with permission.