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Top 10 most-read top 10s from 2016

23 December 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, now is the time for us to take a look back at some of our greatest hits. Throughout the year, we've covered must-sees, must-visits, must-wagers and more. Below, we present the most-read top 10 articles from the past calendar year.

But we're sure you've already got these bookmarked. Right?

10. Top 10 casinos by number of square feet - 10 October 2016
Where are the biggest casinos in the world located? And exactly how big are they?

That was the question many of you were dying to know, and Casino City delivered – no property on this list is less than 400,000 square feet. We saw quite a few locations in the U.S., one in Canada and quite a few in Macau.

9. Top 10 tidbits from Casino City's Indian Gaming Report - 4 April 2016
According to Casino City's Indian Gaming Industry Report, Indian gaming has been on the rise since the 1988 passage of the Indian Regulatory Act.

Despite being a relatively short 242 pages, this report packs a punch, featuring information regarding market statistics, gaming and nongaming revenue, number of facilities, tribes and gaming machines, and tribal revenue sharing with both state and local governments. And that's not even the half of it.

Gary Trask picked out 10 of the most compelling facts in the study, which was authored by Alan P. Meister, Ph.D.

8. Top 10 prop bets to make on this year's WSOP - 23 May 2016
Depressed by the lack of WSOP-related prop bets being offered by online sportsbooks, Aaron Todd decided to put forth some of his own.

Bets included number of Main Event entries, how many tweets the official Twitter account would pen during the event itself and who the player of the year would end up being.

The WSOP itself had some room for potential drama, as well: Would Howard Lederer, after his lukewarm apology regarding the destruction of Full Tilt poker, win a bracelet? And would Chris Ferguson, who also had a hand in the website's collapse, make an appearance? Of course, we already know the answers to these questions. But sometimes it's nice to go back and reminisce.

7. Top 10 favorite resort-casino golf courses - 16 April 2016
We know you love casinos; now we know there's room in your heart for golf, too.

Gary Trask, Casino City's official golf expert, outlined his favorite places to stop and play a few rounds.

6. Top 10 poker dealer pet peeves - 1 August 2016
If you're anything like us, you're constantly worried that you're being annoying, no matter what the situation is. Being a casino-based publication, we can help you in at least one of those realms — that's why Gary Trask spoke to a collection of dealers at this year's World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and put together a handy guide to help all you diehard poker fans make life a little easier for your dealer and those around you.

If you don't play poker, don't worry. A lot of these tips apply to real life, too.

5. Top 10 groups that should play the WSOP tag team event - 14 March 2016
Shortly after the World Series of Poker announced its 2016 schedule, Aaron Todd put together a list of pairings that should consider entering the WSOP Tag Team event.

This was the first time the WSOP ever held a $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em event, though it did host a team bracelet event in 1981.

For a chance at $1,000 who would you have invited to the table?

4. Top 10 Negreanu facts from the KidPoker documentary - 2 June 2016
Aaron Todd jumped at the chance to watch the PokerStars-produced KidPoker as soon as it debuted on Netflix. Being a documentary, it provided plenty of insider info on Daniel Negreanu, poker player extraordinaire, Poker Hall of Fame inductee and six-time World Series of Poker winner.

Assuming you haven't already watched the documentary, it might be helpful to take a look at this list.

3. Top 10 casinos by number of slots - 15 August 2016
Hey, sometimes you just want to play a ton of slots.

2. Top 10 Las Vegas trip tips - 8 August 2016
Las Vegas, an ever-changing landscape of 24/7 glitz, can confound even a seasoned visitor. What you loved on your first visit may not be there on your second. Then there's the never-ending series of questions one must ask oneself before taking a trip: Where to stay? What to see? How much am I going to spend beyond my initial budget? Should I have a player's card? You totally don't need a jacket on the Strip, right? What's up with those life-sized Lego people sitting in the park?

Gary Trask can't answer all of those questions, but he can certainly answer some of them.

1. Top 10 prop bets for Super Bowl 50 - 1 February 2016
Unlike prop bets mentioned in No. 8 on this list, Super Bowl prop bets have proliferated so much over the years that they are now responsible for as much as 50% of the Super Sunday handle at most Las Vegas sportsbooks. Apparently, you, our readers, agree, because Aaron Todd's Super Bowl prop column was our most-read top 10 of the year. Although Aaron only went 3-7 on his predictions, his net loss at $100 per play was only -$110, thanks to a few big underdog prices coming through.

Either way, we have taken notice of the demand for this type of column and will most certainly have another top 10 Super Bowl prop bet report come February.
Top 10 most-read top 10s from 2016 is republished from
Abby Messick

Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.
Abby Messick
Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.