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Top 10 casinos by number of square feet

10 October 2016

They keep telling me that Grand Lisboa is a lotus flower and I keep not listening.

They keep telling me that Grand Lisboa is a lotus flower and I keep not listening. (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

When you're gaming, do you need room to breathe? Maybe you have a sworn enemy to avoid. Or maybe you ascribe to the old adage "the more the merrier" and look forward to gaming floors packed with players. ("Misery loves company" might also work, if you're on a losing streak.) Whatever the case may be, we bring to you today the biggest casinos ranked by square footage, packed with the latest technologies.

10. Casino Grand Lisboa – Macau
This 856-foot-tall artichoke has 412,710 square feet of gaming space. That makes it the tallest building in Macau. But, as always, there's more: The exterior of the building is the largest LED dome in the world, made up of 1 million lights. (We shudder to think of the electricity bill.)

Casino Grand Lisboa was the first property in Macau to offer craps among its 800 gaming tables. And to round out this experience, over 14,000 types of wine are available for your enjoyment. Not all at once, please.

9. Galaxy Macau – Macau
This property appeared in a previous top 10 list and since the Galaxy Macau keeps impressing us with the numbers, we have no choice but to keep listing it. Today we’re obligated to report that it houses 420,000 square feet of gaming space. The resort was designed by Gary Goddard, who has created numerous large attractions for Universal Studios and a few for Six Flags.

If you need to recharge your luck, check out the Fortune Diamond, a fountain that hangs out in the Galaxy's lobby. It turns into a roulette wheel, revealing a gigantic diamond; the whole display is meant to bring prosperity to guests.

8. Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel – Morton, Minnesota
Opened in 1984, Jackpot Junction was the first casino in Minnesota. Table games and slot machines were added to the property, which started out solely as a bingo hall, four years later.

Now, this casino boasts 440,000 square feet of casino-hotel space. Slot machine count totals nearly 3,000, while bingo seats come in at just a little over 1,000. Bring your friends!

7. City of Dreams Macau – Macau
These Macau casinos seem to have a habit of ending up on these lists. City of Dreams is no slouch, boasting 448,000 square feet of gaming space with 450 gaming tables and over 1,500 slot machines, all referred to as a mega-casino. (To be fair, it is pretty impressive.)

This property also houses one of the largest clubs in the city, Club Cubic. Within these 30,000 square feet is a two-tier entertainment space (that has hosted the likes of Flo Rida and PSY), a laser-lit dance pool, a Gothic-style bar, five VIP rooms with balconies and Asia's first Perrier-Jouet champagne bar.

Excessive, but fun.

6. San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino – Highland, California
Open since 1986, this property has attracted more than two million guests a year. And with 480,000 square feet of space, it's easy to see why. Over 3,000 slot machines, 1,400 bingo seats and a multitude of table games await. A spacious high-limit room is available for the most daring of players.

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino also offers the supremely modern option of being able to play slots, table games and bingo online.

5. Macau Studio City – Macau
Having opened just about a year ago, this is probably the freshest casino on our list. But that doesn't mean it lacks what the more well-established casinos have: Macau Studio City has 500,000 square feet of gaming space with over 1,000 slot games and 250 table games contained within.

Also unique to this property is its figure eight Ferris wheel. The Golden Reel takes you 426 feet in the air, where the sights of Macau are laid out before you. On your other side, you can look down at the gardens nestled in the property's courtyard. Either way, it's an eyeful.

4. Casino de Montréal – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Anyone up for some Keno at Casino de Montréal?

Anyone up for some Keno at Casino de Montréal? (photo by Colocho)

The largest casino in Canada happens to be situated on an island. Within three interconnected buildings are over 3,000 slot machines, 115 gaming tables, keno and virtual games. It even has a cabaret. All this in 526,488 square feet.

But how could we mention this property without also mentioning the Great Keno Disaster of '94?

Back when the casino opened in 1993, it featured an electronic version of keno, in which a random number generator determined the 20 numbers required for a win. Normally these machines work without a hitch, as they're constantly generating new and different combinations. In 1994, one Daniel Corriveau, a freelance computer consultant, thought he detected a pattern to the winning numbers. He managed to hit 19 out of 20 numbers a total of three consecutive times, a feat that is supposed to be statistically impossible. An investigation was soon underway: What devil tricks was Corriveau using to dupe the casino?

In the end, the culprit was a problem with the machinery. The starting point for the RNG's calculations, or seed, ended up being reset each morning, since the casino wasn't a 24-hour joint and shut down its machines during the night. This meant that the RNG kept coming up with the same winning numbers since it was using the same starting seed.

After a thorough police investigation, it was found that Corriveau had done no wrong. He went home $620,000 richer, and the casino locked away the electronic keno game for good.

3. Broadway Macau – Macau
Raising the stakes is the Broadway Macau with 615,328 square feet available at your disposal.

And since we always seem to bring it back to food, this property features Macau's first hawker-style street market, replete with authentic Macanese food and street performances. Some must-try Macau dishes, as recommended by the casino's website, include Almond and Walnut Soup, Boiled Beef Brisket, and Turtle Jelly, a slightly bitter concoction thought to be good for the skin.

2. WinStar World Casino and Resort – Thackerville, Oklahoma
This casino has 630,800 square feet of gaming for you to enjoy, making it the largest casino in the U.S. based on floor space. (That title used to be held by Foxwoods Resort Casino. How the mighty have fallen . . . )

Forty-six poker tables, 99 table games, a high-limit room and off-track betting make this a good place to waste an afternoon or two.

You already know what the slot count looks like.

1. Potawatomi Hotel & Casino – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
This property wasn't always an impressive 780,000 square feet of casino fun.

Back in 1991, it opened as Potawatomi Bingo with a little over 45,800 square feet in the form of a 2,500-place bingo hall. A three-story expansion in 2000 brought the space up to 250,000 square feet, with other expansions and renovations throughout the years bringing us to our current, ridiculously large total. Now, it's one of the biggest entertainment destinations in the Midwest.

In addition to contributing to the Miracle on Canal Street charity program focused on assisting local children's nonprofits, this property is one of the top 25 employers in Milwaukee.

How's that for leaving off on a good note?
Abby Messick

Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.
Abby Messick
Abby served as an associate editor for the Casino City editorial team for three years, between 2015 and 2018.