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Richard N. Velotta

Elaine Wynn collected 17.1 percent of proxy vote

4 May 2015

Elaine Wynn captured 17.1 percent of the 155.8 million voting shares cast in last week’s Wynn Resorts proxy vote, a company filing said.

Wynn ran an unsuccessful campaign to keep her seat on the company’s board as an independent investor.

The company threw its support behind J. Edward Virtue, who received 32.8 percent of the vote and John J. Hagenbuch, who received 29.9 percent. The rest of the votes were either withheld — the recommendation of one shareholder management company — or classified as “broker nonvotes.”

By the numbers, Wynn received 26,617,589 share votes, 19,605,100 of which were cast by her ex-husband, Steve Wynn, who was obligated by the terms of a stockholder agreement to vote shares held by Elaine Wynn and by the Wynn Family Holding Co. for her.

Early results tallied at the April 24 annual meeting were announced then, but the company said detailed preliminary vote totals would be outlined by IVS Associates in a Security and Exchange Commission filing, which occurred Thursday.

Following a customary review and challenge period, the company will issue an amended SEC filing, disclosing the certified final results.

Virtue and Hagenbuch were elected to board terms that will end at the 2018 annual shareholders meeting.
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