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Everything's Ducky When You Play Quackers Video Slots

17 July 2005

I could go on and on about how this video slot by WMS will quack you up, or how you ought to take the plunge into its zaniness. But I won't. I think if I just simply tell you about this game you'll understand how truly wacky it is -- but a lot of fun to play. Here are just a few things to know about it: it's about hunting, costume-wearing ducks, the weapons are plungers and the main character is Buck the hound.

The zany symbols are a mallard duck (possibly a decoy?), a plunger, a duck hunter's hat, Buck the hound, and a variety of duck hunters: a supposedly studly doofus (why do the so-called macho guys on slot games have enormous jutting chins?), a yahoo in a coonskin cap and a sexy lady. There's also QUACKERS on a target, a duck caller and a duck with a plunger on his head (actually a shotgun with a plunger on the end).

The games offers two bonus rounds. The "Wild Free Spin Bonus" starts when three or more scattered ducks wearing leather aviator helmets and goggles appear on any reels. You choose one of them as they fly along to reveal the number of free spins you've won and possibly a multiplier. Then a new screen appears, and you push the target free-spin button to get going. An aviator duck appears randomly on one of the five reel strips then positions himself on in such a way to lock an entire strip down as "wild." The remaining reels spin and you get the points for any winning combinations that happen. The duck keeps disappearing and reappearing over random reel strips to start the process again and the bonus round continues until all free spins are used. At one point I got seven free spins and racked up 444 points. Not bad for such nonsense!

Then there's the "Quackers Bonus," which is triggered when three or more duck caller symbols land on an active pay line. You get to meet Buck the hound who jumps up and pulls the bonus screen down before your eyes. Then you get to choose one of the above-mentioned hunters (stud, yahoo, sexy lady) and you're awarded a random number of plungers. Five different types of ducks fly onto the screen and you "shoot" at them by pushing the "Plunge" button. Each time a duck is "plunged" (way nicer than "shot," isn't it?), you win credits based on the value of that duck. The credits are tallied on a "duck value" meter in the lower corner of the screen. When a duck plunged, it falls out of the sky in a particularly comical way. Then another duck of the same type flies out, but its value increases. The bonus round ends when you run out of plungers.

But wait, there's more. During the "Quackers Bonus" you may be lucky enough to receive a "Gift From The Sky." It's a present tied to a balloon that floats onto the screen and allows you to earn an extra bonus. If you hit this gift with one of your plungers, you could win a bonus doubler or two or three extra plungers or even a super duper "Plunge-o-Matic" gun that contains five, 10, or 15 extra plungers!

Okay, I ask you, what is a slot player to make of all this? I don't know. Sometimes I suppose a slot machine doesn't have to make sense to make it fun to play. "Quackers" is one of those games.

Until next time, enjoy Life Among The Slots.