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Best of Pam Droog

Gaming Guru


A Card-Carrying Member of Regis' Cash Club

5 February 2005

Regis Philbin's TV series, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" had a decent run. And so did I, when I recently played Regis' namesake slot machine, "Regis' Cash Club."

I laughed my way through the entire session on this thoroughly entertaining and very popular IGT slot, which is on the MegaJackpots system. I like its suspenseful game-show type music that's always in the background, and how the machine combines actual and video reels; they both spin but after each play, you see the winning lines on the video screen. That's also where a video-animated Regis himself frequently appears to comment on the proceedings or to prompt you regarding what to do next. I fully expected him to say, "Good work, Pam! Keep hitting those bonuses!" Honestly, I just couldn't lose on this nickel machine and turned my $10 into many multiples before I had to leave. A very rare event.

"So you want to see the bid tables, eh?" Sure thing!" says the agreeable Regis. Of course, the best way to learn a new machine is to play it. So put in your money, tokens or ticket and choose the number of pay lines you want to play and the per-line wager you want to make. As soon as you hit the wager button, the reels automatically spin and when they stop the game adds your win to the credit meter. If you want to play that bet again, press Spin Reel, or Repeat the Bet, or hit Max Bet to play the maximum wager on all lines. The more pay lines you play, the better your chance to win, naturally.

Regis' Cash Club offers three bonus opportunities. The Big Check bonus kicks in when two or more check symbols land in any position. Regis appears at a table and writes out a bonus check payable to YOU. Sometimes, however, he erases the original amount and writes in a higher value. "Well, here you go! Here's your big check! Oh, yeah, I know," he says, sensing your disappointment. I guess that's how I got 67 and 81 credits on checks originally written for 11 and 27. Thanks, Reeg!

The second bonus is the dramatic Column of Cash that hits when three or more of those symbols land on any payline. "Hi everybody and congratulations and welcome to the column of Cash! How ya doin'? I'm Regis Philbin. Are you ready to play? Huh? Are ya?" He guides you through the steps to win up to 1500 credits, which consists of picking the R, E, G, I, or S button then making four additional selections. The choices are either an arrow moving you up the column, a "Top2" or "Trade Up" button that also gets you closer to the top, or a "Free Pick."

You can almost imagine Regis standing right behind you as he says, "Hey, this is great, you're moving up three levels, three levels!" or "Let's see what you can do!" or "You were almost to the top! You're taking home 750 credits, a nice day's work!"

Finally, when five Regis symbols hit on the ninth line with max coins bet, you win the top award and get to hear Regis say, "That was spectacular! Please stand by now until an attendant can help you collect!"

Then, besides taking home a big fat jackpot, you can bask in the pleasure of being a member of the one of the ultra-elite of casino clubs: Regis' Cash Club.