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World's largest single video screen at Fremont Street

9 March 2020

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Following the highly-anticipated debut of the $32 million upgrade of Viva Vision, Fremont Street Experience continues to illuminate the pedestrian mall with a collection of all-new groundbreaking visuals and mind-blowing 3D graphics created exclusively for the world's largest single video screen.

Utilizing Watchfire Signs' cutting-edge LED screen technology, Contend developed multiple, multi-sensory themed vignettes to activate and bring to life the awe inspiring screen, including the groundbreaking signature show concept, "MIXology." Inspired by "synesthesia," a perceptual phenomenon where music, art and emotion collide to create an immersive experience, "MIXology" was designed to exploit 49.3 million LEDs alongside a state-of-the-art, 600,000-watt, concert-quality surround sound system and take visitors on an visual and sensorial journey in downtown Las Vegas.

"MIXology" incorporates an EDM-based music mash featuring iconic songs across multiple decades and genres of music that inspire the multi-generational masses culminating with an epic audience participation sing-along led by Fremont Street Experience's world-class house bands.

A sampling of the vignettes created for the enhanced Viva Vision canopy include:

- Mothership – Set to a majestic celestial backdrop, Fremont Street Experience is transformed into an out of this world adventure filled with wonders of deep space, a bustling space station and action-packed space battles.

- Fluid Lucidity – With 10 different iterations, Fluid Lucidity is a series of mind bending abstract visual spectacles that bend the limits of the imagination on a grand scale.

- Air Show – Set to a beautiful and dramatic skyscape, Viva Vision canopy plays host to several stunning, immense and breathtaking aerial spectacles during the day and night.

- Garden of Eden – Visitors can step into a magical and mesmerizing alien jungle teeming with flora and fauna unlike any other.

"A lot of people talk about immersive experiences, but when you have a system like Fremont's, that completely eclipses your perception (without using VR goggles), you can actually deliver on that promise in a profound way. 'MIXology' does just that," said Bill Wadsworth, Head of Immersive Experience at Contend. "The Fremont A/V setup is so unusual (and awesome), we needed to do extensive research before we felt qualified to take full advantage of that system. The canopy screen is so massive, it's like a weather phenomenon. The surround sound system is powerful enough to pop your eyeballs out. When you combine the best of both and add live bands and DJs playing along, you literally have something unique. No matter where you stand on the six blocks, your experience is different every single show."

With the new upgrades, the screen can be seen 24 hours a day for the first time in its existence. In addition to the new shows, guests can also enjoy six-minute light shows that run every hour from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Viva Vision light shows feature music from The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Linkin Park and others.

In partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority, the $32 million renovation to the iconic Viva Vision screen illuminates downtown Las Vegas with 16.4 million pixels and 5,000 Nits, making it up to seven times brighter than the existing canopy with four times the resolution.

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