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Voters Reject Gambling Expansion, Back Stem Cell Research

3 November 2004

LOS ANGELES -- As reported by the Associated Press: "Voters devoted billions of dollars Tuesday to stem cell research, children's hospitals and the mentally ill, while boosting DNA collections from criminal suspects and rejecting an expansion of California's gambling industry.

"...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spent an unprecedented amount of money and political capital in his successful campaign against propositions 68 and 70, two different approaches that would have undercut profit-sharing pacts he negotiated with some Indian tribes.

"...Ballot measures have played a major role in California elections for nearly a century, but this year's crop led to a new spending record of more than $200 million. The list of 16 propositions frustrated voters such as Annemarie Perez, who voted in Santa Monica.

"...Supporters of the dueling gambling measures spent tens of millions of dollars while Schwarzenegger dipped into a special campaign fund to rally opposition. Proposition 68, which could have ended Indians tribes' monopoly on gambling by allowing slot machines at card rooms and race tracks, was rejected by 84 percent of voters in partial returns.

"Proposition 70, would have taxed Indian casinos but would have allowed more slot machines. It had only 24 percent support in early morning returns..."

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