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Vegas Three Card Rummy a fun, simple table game

14 February 2013

If you like simple table games, Casino and Bovada have the game for you. In Vegas Three Card Rummy, the objective is to post a lower total count with three cards than the dealer. After the player antes, the player and dealer are dealt three cards. The players cards are face up, and the player can decide to fold or raise an amount equal to the ante. When the player raises, the dealer's hand is revealed, and if the player beat the dealer, the player wins the ante bet, paid at 1:1. The raise is only paid when the dealer's hand qualifies with a total of 20 or less. When the player wins when the dealer's total is 21 or more, the raise bet is simply returned to the player.

There's an interesting twist on the game, as well, as suited connectors and pairs are worth zero points. So instead of being worth 20 points, a pair of kings is worth zero points.

The game also features a side bet that pays out when a player is dealt a total of 12 or lower. The bet pays 25:1 when a player has a point total of 0, and 100:1 when a player is dealt A-2-3 suited.

If you're looking for a simple table game but still want to make some decisions, head to Bodog or Bovada (depending on your jurisdiction) and check it out.

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