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Top-10 YouTube poker moments

9 August 2007

When news came out last week that Anthony "Tuff Fish" Sandstrom was circulating a petition to create a state-run online poker room, the editorial team at Casino City started watching his old YouTube videos.

It got us to thinking, what are the best poker moments on YouTube? So we huddled around a computer, watched some poker, and ranked our top-10 poker YouTube moments. (If you don't see the video box for a clip on the page, it means we couldn't embed it, so just follow the link.)

10. 2005 WSOP – Oliver Hudson vs. Sam Farha
Imagine hitting 10s full of Aces on the flop in the first hand of the Main Event. Then imagine going all in and drawing dead to Sam Farha's Aces full. Ouch. That's the quickest $10,000 we've ever seen spent. See you next year!

9. Poker Tattoos
ESPN's "The Nuts" features that run during WSOP broadcasts are always entertaining, but this is our personal favorite because it combines two things we love: Poker and Tats.

8. bucklox: Poker Lesson #1 – Never let avatars push you around
If you haven't seen bucklox's work, check it out. The first lesson gives you advice on how to use other players' avatars against them. And for some reason, the people who leave comments about his videos always seem to think he's serious. He's playing a play-money sit-n-go. It's called sarcasm people. And it's great comedy.

7. High Stakes Poker – Daniel Negreanu vs. Gus Hansen
Maybe the sickest hand of all time. Daniel Negreanu 6-6 vs. Gus Hansen 5-5, and Negreanu loses a $575,700 pot with sixes full to Hansen's quads. The best part is Negreanu's reaction to Hansen's all-in bet. "Huh?" He's absolutely floored by it, didn't expect it at all. Also ranking high in the hilarity meter is Doyle Brunson and Eli Elezera talking about prop bets in the background and paying absolutely no attention to the hand.

6. Rounders, Mike McD vs. Teddy KGB
The climax of probably the best poker film of all time, our hero takes on the Russian mob boss in a heads up No Limit Hold'em match, and is able to lay down top two pair because he doesn't want to draw against a made hand. We wish our opponents would listen to the sound of an Oreo separating when they made the nuts. This, by the way, ended up on the list mostly because John Malkovich offers the worst Russian accent in film history in his portrayal of Teddy KGB.

5. High Stakes Poker – Doyle Brunson vs. Jamie Gold
Not that many people like Jamie Gold. Everyone loves Doyle Brunson. So when Doyle makes the nuts on the turn and Jamie raises, you can't help but love it when Doyle says "This is real money here Jamie."

4. Matusow eliminated from 2004 WSOP
This tournament made us hate Mike the Mouth. He's been slowly winning us back ever since – hey, tackling Mr. Peanut at this year's WSOP is the best poker comedy we've ever seen – and we kind of feel bad for him after watching this again. But it's still one of poker's most memorable moments. (Sorry, embedding not enabled for this one, so follow the link)

3. Tuff Fish
The aforementioned Tuff Fish. "Dad-gum it! I hate Party! God I hate Party!"

2. 2005 WSOP – Phil Hellmuth blowup
One of Hellmuth's more famous outbursts. Gems here include "This guy can't even spell poker," and "The guy's trying to catch a flight."

1. Tony G Mix
We had a tough time picking which Tony G moment to include in the top-10. To be honest, there are five or six that could have made the cut. But this is our personal favorite, because it takes all of the most memorable Tony G. moments and puts them together in a three-minute video. Easily the best moment is at the beginning, when Tony G. berates Ralph Perry during the Intercontinental Poker Championship on CBS.

NOTE: You may notice that Joe the Pro is not included. Well Joe's just too good for this list. His four episodes would be in our top four spots, so we removed him from consideration.

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