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Top-10 gambling jokes on YouTube

21 April 2008

Last week, we took a look at some of the songs that gambling gambling has inspired. This week, we turn our attention to the funny side of gambling.

10. Your buddy's girlfriend's perfect bracket

It happens every year. Friends co-workers get together every year and plunk down some cash on their favorite sports tournament or pool. And just as sure as the sun rising in the east, every year, it's the person who know's the least about that event -- usuually the girlfriend or wife of a friend -- who ends up winning the big cash prize. This clip takes a closer look at exactly what that person was thinking when they made their picks.

9. A gambling problem with the New York Giants

Artie Lange notes that the way you watch a game changes when you have money riding on it. And that certain announcers can really mess with a gambler's head by just being themselves.

8. No cool slots stories

About two minutes into this clip, Pat Barker notes one of the key differences between people who play the slots and those that play poker.

7. Improving the odds in roulette

Comedian Peter Lipsey recently discovered a new way to even up the odds in roulette -- but the casino was not amused.

6. Joe the Pro Episode 2

A hilarious spoof on Internet poker players.

5. Penn & Teller's casino fight

Physical comedy, social commentary, Attica and a brawl -- yep, sounds like a good time to us.

4. Comedian Rich Praytor punks a pastor playing poker

Ashton Kutcher would be proud of comedian Rich Praytor, who dressed up as a cop and "busted" a poker game that included a local man of the cloth.

3. No bingo

Somehow, National Bingo Night wound up with both Australian and American versions of the show. The two programs are exactly the same, except for the accents. And they both feature Indian guys shouting "No bingo!" We wish we were kidding.

American version

Australian version

2. Flea vacation

Dustin Hoffman's tells a classic joke about a flea's vacation in this clip. There is a passing connection to gambling here. But mostly, this joke was just too funny to leave off the list. And the bit after the joke is hilarious too!

1. Lewis Black on gambling on tennis

In his own inimitable style, Black ponders betting on tennis (30 seconds into the clip).

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