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The Reel Life: Subway poetry edition

9 August 2017

A limerick battle between the BART and Metro Los Angeles Twitter feeds—with attempts by various other transit agencies to get in on the fun—broke out last Friday as the social media team for San Francisco's subway was moved to remind passengers that it is not legal to smoke marijuana on the train. The exchange may remind dedicated public transit social media feed watchers of last summer's haiku battle between the two California train lines, in which other major metro area transit systems, including New York City's MBA and Boston's MBTA, showed up to show off their haiku skills. The major difference between last year's haiku battle and this year's limerick battle, besides the cannabis theme, is that the social media managers for American public transit systems appear to mostly understand the format of a haiku—three lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively—but only BART seems to have any kind of real grasp of the limerick form. Metro Los Angeles mostly got it right but didn't have enough syllables or the proper stress pattern in the third and fourth lines. And then there's this: That's some sort of couplet with no identifiable rhythm scheme, not a limerick. Or a haiku, for that matter. While we hope that poetry battles of various forms become a tradition on Transit Twitter, there's probably a limit to how many kinds of poetry can produce poems that fit into 140 characters. Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll! As the last month of summer comes to a close, Vikingheim is launching the Summer Coin Rush tournament. The first month after the casino's debut, players warmed to the idea of exchanging Viking Coins for real prizes with gods Freya, Loki, Thor and Odin. These prizes include cash, match bonuses, free spins and more. In addition to coins, during this tournament Vikingheim guarantees 10,000 EUR, which 100 players will share among themselves. Viking Coins obtained during the tournament will be added to a player's regular coin balance at the end. This tournament begins 14 August and runs until 29 August. Results will be announced 1 September. Prizes are as follows: *1st: 2,000 EUR *2nd: 1,500 EUR *3rd: 800 EUR *4th: 450 EUR *5th: 300 EUR *6th - 9th: 200 EUR *10th: 150 EUR Players in places 11-60 will receive 6,000 Viking Coins, which equals 60 EUR. Those who already have a balance of coins can receive a special gift from Odin — 10,000 Viking Coins. During free spins, players may also accumulate coins that can be exchanged later for prizes. Prizes are as follows: *Freya: 500 coins for 50 free spins, 1,000 coins for 100 free spins or 1,500 coins for 3x50 free spins. *Loki: 50,000 coins for an iPhone 7 or latest model of Samsung, 250,000 coins for a VIP trip for two to the Canary Islands or 500,000 coins for a B-class car. *Thor: 2,000 coins for a 50% bonus, 5,000 coins for a 100% bonus or 30,000 coins for a 200% bonus. *Odin: 10,000 coins for 300 EUR or 20,000 coins for 1,000 EUR. For more information, please visit the website.

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