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The Reel Life: Self-driving edition

18 July 2017

In an unusual reversal of the usual assignation of responsibility, a man who crashed his Tesla Model S in Minnesota insists that he is to blame, while the police report identifies the car's autopilot system as being at fault.

The police report released by the Sheriff's Office states that the vehicle suddenly accelerated when the driver engaged the autopilot, causing the car to drive off the road and roll into a marsh, where it landed on its roof. (Fortunately, no one was hurt.) The driver insists that he had looked down for a second and when he looked back up there was a sharp bend in the road, and he didn't turn properly, causing the car to skid.

A statement from Tesla said that the company had "no reason to believe [the autopilot] worked other than as designed," so at least one party involved in this scenario is acting as expected.

While Tesla, along with most every other terribly hip car company, is currently noodling around with the idea of self-driving cars, its current autopilot system does not actually make the car a self-driving car, but a "semiautonomous" vehicle with "full self-driving hardware" on it. We aren't entirely sure what this means, but apparently federal regulators have told customers not to treat the cars as if they were fully self-driving.

This is the sort of ambiguity that turns us into Luddites, which is bad, considering that we are an online slot reviewer and can't really afford to be tech-phobic. But we're going to assume that, until there are 100% safe, entirely self-driving cars on the market, we're responsible for actually driving our whole car when we get behind the wheel.

Someday, though, there will be real self-driving cars available, and then we can just play online slots whenever we have to go somewhere. That'll be pretty sweet.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

The glamour of the Art Deco era is revived through the new Sensational 6s slot game from Rival Gaming, which is now available at Slots Capital.

Players who loved The Great Gatsby and appreciate the elegance of the 1930s will love taking a spin with this one-line, three-reel slot.

Taking its inspiration from the audio and visual style of the pre-War era, Sensational 6s offers slot players the chance to light up icons like BARs, black spades, red hearts, blue diamonds and green clubs.

Gamers will be foxtrotting around the room when they benefit from Sensational 6s' three wild icons, for 2x, 4x and 6x multipliers. And they'll be dancing a Charleston on the ceiling should they hit all three multipliers to win the jackpot.

"Sensational 6s is a slot we expect to prove popular among our users," said Slots Capital. "It has the high standards of playability that players have come to expect from Rival Gaming, and the theme is fantastic.

"Gamers will be transported to an age of debonair dandies and decadent debutantes as they try their luck at securing cash prizes and huge jackpots."

Sensational 6s introductory bonuses
Available from 19-24 July.
The two bonuses need to be redeemed in a row.

100%, plus $50 on top
Minimum deposit $25 (€25/AU$25/ZAR 250).
Maximum deposit $500 (€500/AU$500/ZAR 5,000).
No maximum cashout.
Activate within five days.

Free $50
No minimum deposit.
No maximum deposit.
No maximum cashout.
Activate within five days.
Also available as €50/AU$50/ZAR 25,000.

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