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The Reel Life: Rock-paper-scissors edition

28 June 2012

The Reel Life wasn't big on the whole rock-paper-scissors thing growing up. We found odds and evens a more palatable way to pick sides or settle disputes.

But over the years, our appreciation for rock-paper-scissors has grown. The psychological element of rock-paper-scissors (and its hilarious cousin, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock) makes this a more intriguing game and a fun way to pass time.

Given the game's popularity, it's no surprise that someone decided to create a rock-paper-scissors robot. If computers could beat humans in chess and Jeopardy, why not give rock-paper-scissors a try?

As MSNBC reports, not only did the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory succeed in building a rock-paper-scissors robot, they built one that can't be beaten. That's right, they built a machine that can't be beaten in a theoretically random game.

Because the cameras in the robot are so good, the robot can figure out what you're throwing and counter so quickly it looks like it's playing the game normally. And as a result, it never loses.

Thank goodness the online slot’s around. You have a better chance of winning there than you do against the rock-paper-scissors robot.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

The Dark Knight slot game is popping up everywhere. But Video Slots is doing something really nice with the visually-rich 5-reel slot game. Video Slots is running a leaderboard promotion for the game with a €1,000 prize pool. The three players that wager the most on the Dark Knight win the prizes. First place pays €600, second pays €250 and third gets €150.

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