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The Reel Life: Prankster edition

4 April 2013

The Reel Life loves stories about stupid criminals. But every now and then, it's funny to see the shoe on the other foot. A prankster in Aachen, Germany, sculpted a Volkswagen Beetle out of snow that was so realistic that it fooled the police.

The sculpture was "parked" in a no-parking zone, reports And it looked so real that police believed once you dusted the snow off the car, you could drive away in it.

Police ticketed the car the car and then tried to dust of the license plate to see who the car belonged too. That's when they discovered they had been pranked.

The cops were not amused. But the Reel Life is. Kudos to you snow car prankster. You pulled of a feat worthy of Reel Life respect.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll

Sinclair U. hit the progressive this month at Slotland for $266,800. It's the largest progressive jackpot Slotland has awarded. He won the jackpot while playing the Carnival slots game.

"I've been playing at Slotland for more than five years,ā€ Sinclair said. "I win enough to keep it fun ā€“- never dreamed Iā€™d have a windfall like this!"

This is the first time the Carnival game, which came out last summer, hit the progressive jackpot.

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