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The Reel Life: Perfect pizza edition

31 October 2013

Most kids think their math classes are worthless. They're about to have their minds blown.

According to the New York Daily News, a mathematician in the U.K. has developed a scientific formula that she believes contains the secret to making the perfect pizza.

For those of you who thought a good pizza was just the right combination of dough, sauce and mozzarella cheese, you were just scratching the surface -- it's all about the topping-to-base ratio and the thickness of the crust, according to Dr. Eugenia Cheng.

Pizzas need to be large to allow for more even distribution of toppings, and the dough needs to be thin to create a crispy crust. For those who prefer lots of toppings, a smaller pizza with thicker crust is needed for compensation. Cheng's calculations show that a median bite from an 11-inch pizza has 10 percent more toppings than a 14-inch pie -- though a smaller pizza runs a greater risk of becoming soggy.

While this is not exactly breakthrough research, the Reel Life has had our fair share of disappointing pizza over the years. The prospect of never falling victim to a floppy, soggy crust is inspiring.

The most amazing part of all of this is that Cheng's study was actually commissioned by British restaurant chain Pizza Express. They wanted to know why their 14-inch pizzas were outselling their 11-inch pies.

The Reel Life would like to apply to be the lead researcher the next time Pizza Express needs to figure out the answer to a ridiculous and obvious question. People buy bigger pizzas because pizza -- even "bad" pizza -- is awesome, and people want more of it. This isn't exactly brain surgery.

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