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The Reel Life: Museum of Failure edition

13 June 2017

Last week, a new museum opened up in the mid-sized Swedish city of Helsingborg: the Museum of Failure, an exhibit of dreadful corporate products.

In an extremely on-brand move, the museum's founder and curator, Samuel West, initially registered the wrong domain name for the museum's website, accidentally misspelling "museum" because he'd had a few drinks.

The museum displays contain such baffling ideas as Harley-Davidson eau de toilette and a structurally unsound plastic bicycle developed by Volvo.

The museum also has a copy of the 2004 Donald Trump board game, "I'm Back and You're Fired!", which West describes as "impossibly dull." The game is actually a rerelease of an earlier Donald Trump board game from 1989, which also sold poorly and was critically panned.

West says that one of the things he hopes visitors will take away from the museum is an appreciation of failure as in important part of innovation and progress. "We need to be better at learning from failure, instead of sweeping things under the carpet and disassociating ourselves from failures," he says. "Very few companies and organizations learn from their mistakes."

We think it is more likely that visitors will leave the museum going "Haha, who thought THAT was a good idea" a bunch of times over, but we admit we have not gotten ourselves over to Helsingborg to test the idea. But we know what's on our list of places to travel to when we hit a decent jackpot.

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Some of the $120,000 Fight Night prize pool will be randomly awarded. Anyone who played from Monday to Wednesday that week is eligible to win some of the $5,000 given every Thursday.

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"This is a cash prize, not a bonus," reminds Intertops' manager. "There are no wagering requirements for this $1,000."

Fight Night bonus details and current scoreboard rankings are available at the website.

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