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The Reel Life: Klingon cache edition

28 November 2017

A weapons amnesty in Guernsey has netted an impressive haul of lethal weaponry, which includes one particularly unusual item: a bat'leth, the five-foot-long, four-bladed weapon favored by the Klingons in Star Trek.

To be scrupulously honest, we are familiar enough with geek culture that we aren't remotely surprised that someone had a full-size, functional bat'leth. Geeks gonna geek. What surprises us is that someone geeky enough to own a full-size, functional bat'leth would then hand it over to the cops to be destroyed. If you don't want it anymore, there's probably some other geek that would buy it off you!

The other unusual thing about handing over a bath'leth in a weapons amnesty is that the purpose of a weapons amnesty is to improve public safety by removing dangerous weapons from civil society. And the bat'leth, while it looks pretty fearsome on TV, is apparently a really stupid weapon, clumsy and almost impossible to wield effectively.

We know this because there are people out there who are even geekier than Star Trek geeks who own bat'leths, and that's weapons geeks who discuss the pros and cons of these sorts of things at great length on the internet. We'd rather not discuss how we here at the Reel Life wound up in that part of the internet, but let's just reiterate that it is perfectly normal for online slot reviewers to spent a lot of time online.

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