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The Reel Life: Home improvement edition

5 July 2018

A couple in South Florida was arrested recently for running a decades-long gift card scam to bilk Home Depot out of $280,000, NBC4 reports.

The article contains the couple's mug shots, but neglects to include any pictures of what they did with the almost $300k in ill-gotten home improvement materials, only noting that they "us[ed] some of the stolen merchandise to remodel their home."

What kind of point-missing reporting is this? That's a lot of money to put into home improvement projects. You can buy an entire new house for that amount of money in many places. If we'd done $280,000 worth of home renovations by hand, you can bet we'd have turned our house into a castle or a pirate ship or some other Big Orange Splot-type abomination of personal expression.

On the upside, while the reporting does not contain any pictures of the fraudster's house, it does contain a detailed explanation of how the fraud scheme operated, which is very helpful if you were thinking about running a gift card scam on your local Home Depot.

Please not that we here at The Reel Life do not encourage running gift card scams on hardware stores or any other legitimate business entities. There are easier ways to make thousands of dollars without doing any honest work. We've been trying out the "win it in a slots jackpot" route, although we haven't had much luck yet, and so our house remains un-remodeled. We're sure our neighbors are very pleased.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

As summer arrives and the world warms up, everyone’s favorite treat is ice cream. There’s no bigger fan of the frozen dairy delight than Slots Capital casino blogger, Slots Lotty. And until the end of the month, the popular online casino is celebrating Ice Cream Month by tripling players’ deposits.

This month, in her “Lotty’s Adventures” blog, Lotty writes about the origins of ice cream:

“Ice cream is without a doubt the perfect dessert ever devised by man,” she exclaims. “Who invented this magical summer treat?!”

She goes on to explain, “Ice cream is said to have been created in Ancient Greece before the idea of a refrigerator ever came to pass. It was incredibly rudimentary – just a mixture of snow, honey and fruit — but it was the beginning of a great tradition.”

“The first true ice cream was said to be introduced by Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century. A hundred years later, Charles I of England was so impressed that he paid to keep the formula secret, making ice cream a royal prerogative, utterly unobtainable by the common man.”

“Maybe ice cream was originally just a treat meant for the most notable of humans but, thank goodness, now we can all enjoy it any day of the year!”

Slots Capital’s Ice Cream Month encourages players to be particularly indulgent during the month of July. For the entire month, they’ll be TRIPLING players’ deposits, giving them three times as much money to play with and three times as much summer slots fun.

Ice Cream Month Bonus
Available until 31 July 2018
300% Bonus – Deposits TRIPLED
Coupon code: LOVINGJULY300
Max deposit $500, no max cash out, 45x rollover.

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