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The Reel Life: Getting your money's worth edition

8 January 2015

Imagine being so rich that you would refuse to do something for $1.2 billion. I mean, like anything.

But apparently, that was not enough for Sue Ann Arnall, who refused to accept a check for $1.2 billion in a divorce settlement with her former husband, Harold Hamm, chief executive of oil driller Continental Resources.

Basically, Arnall thinks she deserves a much greater share of the $19 billion her husband is worth, and doesn't want to settle for such a paltry amount.

Lady, please. You may have a strong ground to stand on, but you're embarrassing us all by not just accepting the -- wait for it -- ONE POINT TWO BILLION DOLLARS. Are you insane?

There's not much the Reel Life wouldn't do for $1.2 billion. Being paid to get rid of the last name "Hamm" is easy money.

Get in the fast lane, grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

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