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The Reel Life: Foul ball edition

11 September 2014

If you've ever been to a Major League Baseball game, you probably will remember this message that pops up on the jumbo television after the top half of the first inning.

"Please be aware of any ball or bat that can leave the field of play."

This message, which includes other useful information to fans, is played at every single MLB game. It's meant to remind fans to pay attention to the game and to be wary of the risks of potential foul balls that can scream into the seats at 100 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, we're not so sure these fans are paying attention. According to Bloomberg, foul balls injure roughly 1,750 fans at MLB games per year. Some are injured pretty badly. Others just get cuts and bruises. But many of them (specifically adults) likely weren't paying attention to the game.

The Reel Life isn't here to preach to baseball fans to pay attention to games. We've been known to look down at our cell phones at games from time to time, whether it be to text a friend or to check another score. But we understand the risks that come with this kind of behavior.

The point we'd like to make is that, while this is interesting information provided by Bloomberg, there should not be any significant changes made by MLB to protect against the "dangers" of foul balls. Adding nets around the stands would be terrible. Forcing everyone to pay attention to every pitch is unrealistic.

At the end of the day, sometimes people get hurt by fluke accidents. And 1,750 people out of the 40-50 million who attend games each year is a tiny percentage. You're probably more likely to get hurt in your car on your way to the game.

If anything should be learned from this Bloomberg report, it is this: We could stand to pay a little bit more attention at baseball games.

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