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The Reel Life: Food waste edition

19 April 2017

In a triumph for clean energy, the University of Michigan last week powered several of its buildings with 1,250 gallons of spoiled mayonnaise.

Yeah, we don't immediately think "clean" anything when we hear a phrase like "spoiled mayonnaise," either.

The University of Michigan has an anaerobic digester on campus, which processes food waste into biogas, which is then used to power buildings. Most of the food waste that feeds the anaerobic digester doesn't come from the University's campus, but from surrounding areas.

As a result of a refrigeration issue, 500 2.5-gallon bottles of mayonnaise for the University's dining hall went slightly off. Usually, when food is not quite up to par for serving on campus, the University donates it to a local food bank — but no food bank wanted 500 giant bottles of manky mayonnaise, for obvious reasons.

That was when the University's sustainability officer suggested feeding it to the anaerobic digester. The process took more than eight hours, since each jar had to be emptied by hand into the digester, and then the jars had to be cleaned so they could be recycled. Considering how gross and tough it is to really clean even one greasy jar of non-spoiled mayonnaise, we don't envy whatever staff or work-study students got stuck actually doing this.

The rotting glop of egg and oil turned out to be basically the perfect fuel for the anaerobic digester, due to the high content of fats and sugars, so everyone was left feeling good about the whole thing.

Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll!

Cinco de Mayo is the most festive fiesta on the Mexican-American calendar, and to celebrate, Slotastic is introducing a new piñata-themed game called Popinata.

The colorful new real-money online slot game is alive with candy-filled piñatas waiting to be broken open to reveal their prizes. The Donkey piñata is an expanding Wild that stretches to entirely cover any reel it appears on. Whenever it appears, it also triggers a free spin. During re-spins, the expanded Wilds are held while the other reels spin. New expanded Wilds appearing during re-spins trigger another free spin.

Until the end of April, Slotastic players can take 50 free spins on the new game, and deposits (up to $444) will be doubled.

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Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "Fifth of May") is an annual celebration of Mexico’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on 5 May 1862. In Mexico, the battle is commemorated through festivals and military parades. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become a celebration of Mexican-American culture.

“If you’ve made a deposit in April we’ll give you 50 free spins on Popinata,” said Slotastic’s casino manager. “And if you make another deposit (up to $444) between now and the end of the April, we’ll double it and give you another 44 free spins!”

Popinata is available in Slotastic’s mobile casino, which has just been upgraded for even better display on the small screens of smartphones and tablets.

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