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The Reel Life: Breakfast bandit edition

27 September 2018

We spend a lot of time dunking on stupid criminals here at the Reel Life. Today, we'd like to mix it up a little, and heap some only semi-ironic praise upon a clever one.

Police are seeking a man in Dalton who is accused of stealing hotel breakfasts from several hotels in the area by pretending to be a guest when he actually wasn't.

Complimentary breakfasts are absolutely the best part of staying in any hotel, but the price tag on having to actually make a hotel room reservation prevents us from indulging in free breakfasts as often as we'd like. Had we know that actually reserving a room was optional . . . well, we'd have a lot more money to spend on online slots instead.

The food thief has claimed that he was "just checking how easy it is to get into hotels and get free stuff." Apparently, it is too easy, because the hotel workers only noticed because he "looked lost" and was acting suspiciously.

This is an elementary scamming mistake, as anyone who watches a lot of movies about con artists will tell you. The most important trick is to act confident. Possibly carry a clipboard; nobody questions anyone who walks around with a clipboard.

Please note that we here at the Reel Life, while we're certainly impressed, are not condoning theft. Crime is actually bad. Crime is why we can't have nice things. For example, this guy is probably going to cause the hotels to tighten up their security, and then we won't be able to purloin any free breakfasts. Thanks a lot, dude.

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