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The Reel Life

24 June 2010

Last week The Reel Life said we were doubtful we'd find a story as bizarre as one in Germany involving mooning, puppies, bulldozers and the Hell's Angels. Well, we might have found one.

To recap last week's story, the lead in the Orange News was this: "A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he 'mooned' a group of Hell's Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer."

If you thought that was strange, check out this headline from a story in The Herald in Ireland: "Woman in Sumo Wrestler Suit Assaulted Her Ex-Girlfriend in Gay Pub After She Waved At Man Dressed As Snickers Bar."

According to the article, Sandra Talbot attacked her former partner Adrienne Martin at one of Dublin's best-known gay bars.

The two were in a relationship for three years, and the relationship ended about a year before the incident. According to the article, "Talbot, who was wearing an inflatable sumo suit, bumped into (Martin). When she turned around, the accused said to her: 'Keep smiling, c**t.'"

When Martin waved to the male friend dressed as the candy bar, Talbot flipped out. Martin said she felt a blow to the right side of her head right after the wave. She said Talbot walked away laughing.

Talbot was convicted of common assault and fined €400.

The Reel Life still gives the edge to the German story because of bizarreness. But the headline of the Irish story is gold, Jerry! Gold!

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