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The Reel Life

24 September 2009

The Reel Life can get quite tired when in the middle of an online slots marathon, and sometimes we need a jolt of energy to soldier on. So we head over to our local grocery store for some snacks and a beverage or two. We've never had a problem at our local grocery store. Then again, we aren't members of a Jedi religion.

A man in North Wales is accusing the Tesco grocery store chain of religious discrimination after the company ordered the founder of a Star Wars-based religion to remove his hood, according to the Guardian newspaper. Daniel Jones, founder of the International Church of Jediism, was told the hood violated store policy.

Jones said that his religion dictated that the hood should be worn in public places. He is considering legal action against the chain.

"They said: 'Take it off,' and I said: 'No, its part of my religion. It's part of my religious right.' I gave them a Jedi church business card," he told the Guardian.

"They weren't listening to me and were rude. They had three people around me. It was intimidating."

Tesco had this to say about the incident:

"He hasn't been banned. Jedis are very welcome to shop in our stores although we would ask them to remove their hoods. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Luke Skywalker all appeared hoodless without ever going over to the Dark Side and we are only aware of the Emperor as one who never removed his hood. If Jedi walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers."

The Reel Life hates discrimination, but we have to commend Tesco's response. It is difficult to see all the money you'll save with a hood over your face.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

It's good to see you again

Val U won £1,637 playing Jackpot Joy's Diamond Bonanza back in July, and she certainly hasn't rested on her laurels. She is back on the winner's page after winning £1,963 a week ago on the same slot.

"To win again is absolutely wonderful!" beamed the 70-year-old. "I was playing with my caretaker and I asked whether we play some more or pack it in?

"We decided to have one more spin - and I got five gold bars! I couldn't believe it."

She drank some tea to calm herself down but "then it suddenly hit us and we were up and jumping around the kitchen!"

Congrats (again) Val!

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