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The Reel Life

6 August 2009

The Reel Life loves the online slots. But sometimes, we need to get out and, you know, meet people. What better place to meet people than Las Vegas? We get to play slots, drink for free and get some much needed sun. Unfortunately for a Massachusetts man, his latest trip to Vegas was a little more expensive than he intended (or remembered).

According to the Las Vegas Sun, James Hackett of Andover is challenging a $29,512 bill he received at the Club Paradise Gentlemen's Club. According to a lawsuit, Hackett was in town for a convention and went to a Hilton hotel bar to watch a Red Sox game. While watching the game, Hackett says that someone handed him his wallet, saying he had dropped it. Nothing was missing but his driver's license and his credit card were in different positions.

This is when the story gets interesting. After having a few vodka martinis, Hackett says he left for the hotel lobby and "blacked out there and can't remember anything else that may have happened that night."

The next morning Hackett called his wife and, remembering the dropped wallet, asked her to see if there were any unauthorized charges. There weren't any problems, but when he returned to Massachusetts, he received some big news.

According to the Sun, "Hackett said he learned of a series of charges to his American Express card by Club Paradise between 2:55 a.m. and 8:54 a.m. on Oct. 12.These totaled $29,512 -- about $4,000 for a bar tab and more than $25,000 for 'unexplained services' involving entertainers 'Paulina,' 'Jani Lee,' 'Isabel,' 'Vanessa,' 'Roxanne" and 'Lexi.'

This story has too many layers for The Reel Life to digest. So we'll stick to the online slots for now. But when we head back out to Vegas, we'll make sure our wallet stays in our possession the entire time we're there.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

It was all a dream

Spanish player Florin D. had a landmark victory at last week, where he played Hi-Lo 54 and won 20,000 euros.

This is the first time a Spanish player has ever won a big cash prize on

"In the beginning, when I won the 20,000€, I felt upset because it wasn't the 100,000€!

"I am kidding, the truth is that I am overjoyed. These things happen only once in a lifetime and it happened to me, and I can't believe it! I will use the money to give gifts to my family and to take a trip to an exotic beach, with a cocktail in one hand and a beautiful woman at my side. That will be the moment I will feel this is a reality because at this moment, I feel (like I'm) in a dream."

Dreams do come true, Florin. Enjoy your winnings!

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