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The Reel Life

2 April 2009

The Reel Life loves world records. As a lover of the online slots, the one we're always trying to break is the largest progressive jackpot. While we enjoy and applaud all breakers of world records, we have to question the sanity of a Brazilian kayaker hell-bent on making history.

Pedro Olivia, 26, spent four years searching his native Brazil for the perfect waterfall. His goal: To claim a new world record in waterfall descents. According to the Daily Mail, Olivia found his spot at the Salto Belo falls.

Olivia paddled his kayak straight over the edge of the waterfall and dropped an astonishing 127 feet, shattering the previous record of 108 feet.

"He fell head-first for 2.95 seconds before hitting the churning waters below at 70mph. And after vanishing at the base of the falls for a few heart-stopping minutes, he reappeared to claim a new world record."

Rest assured that The Reel Life will never attempt to break Olivia's record. He can have that one all to himself. We will continue to hunt for that big progressive record. Attempting to break that one can be done safely in the comfort of our own homes.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

Living on easy street

Michael R can take it easy now he's won £19,850 while chilling in the Bingo Lounge at Jackpot Joy.

"I'm really very excited about this win," Michael told us. "My wife plays and she's won some smaller progressives in the past but this is really something!"

"I'd pre-bought my tickets and went to bed so I didn't find out I'd won until the next morning! What a great way to start the day!"

"Haven't thought too much about how we'll spend the money yet - it doesn't seem real at the moment!"

No surprises though that someone who loves the Bingo Lounge will be splashing some of it on a relaxing holiday to the sun!

"We'll definitely get away somewhere hot this year. That being said, I mainly just want to get away from this dull British weather!"

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