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The Reel Life

12 March 2009

Sometimes after a long day at the online slots, we like to go out and take a drive. We also enjoy blasting our music in the car. We occasionally strum our fingers on the wheel or on the dashboard if we're really into the song. That being said, we always make sure our eyes are on the road and our feet are near the pedals. Which is more than a Romanian truck driver can claim.

According to the Telegraph, an unknown Romanian truck driver is being hunted by police after releasing a video that shows him dancing in his cab as he drives on a highway. And by dancing we mean full-on, standing-up, hands and feet no where near the seat dancing. The man's preferred tune is a folk song.

The Guardian says that "copies of the tape are now being viewed by traffic police officers throughout Europe as they try to track down the driver."

Words can't accurately express this video, so The Reel Life has attached it. And a word to the wise: Be careful of European truckers, because you don't know how many of them actually do (or listen to) this. You will never die in a head-on collision playing the online slots.


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