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The Reel Life

22 January 2009

The Reel Life believes that all family matters should stay in-house. We admit that not all members of our house enjoy the online slots as much as we do. But no one takes their grievances public. And you can bet no one in our family would contact the Daily Mail in the UK to complain that The Reel Life played a progressive slot for 12 hours.

Well, Shelley Price has no qualms about taking family matters public, even if that means scarring her daughter for life. The Daily Mail reports that Shelley is coming out with a confession: "She can't bring herself to love her elder daughter, Catherine."

Catherine is 11-years-old and has a two-year-old sister, Poppy. Shelley has no trouble loving Poppy. In fact, she says that when she "give(s) Poppy a cuddle, it feels different to hugging Catherine." She admits that she hates herself for the way she feels. "But whatever it is that makes a mum want to hug and kiss her child, I have not felt it. Catherine has always felt like someone else's daughter."

The paper also runs a picture of Catherine and Shelley, with Shelley wearing a frown. The Reel Life can't comprehend how this story will help Catherine. So we're giving out a piece of free advice to all our readers: Next time you feel the need to make a startling confession to a national newspaper about one of your children, think it through first. And then head to an online slot machine and play for an hour. You'll forget about your problems in no time.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

Wheeler deals a jackpot

Since it launched last summer, new 3D online casino has been eagerly anticipating its first big progressive jackpot winner and it happened last week.

An Italian player known as Monica68 won €116,200 ($148,724) while playing Wheeler Dealer, one of the four unique slot machines at the three dimensional casino site.

This is the first progressive jackpot win at the new site. It was reset to $30,000 and has been increasing steadily ever since.

"When I first discovered this 3D site I thought hey, this is different," said the winner, still trying to believe her good fortune. "There's something different about it alright! It made me a winner! This is the first time I've ever won any more than €50 and, mama mia, I can tell you, it feels fantastico!"

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