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The Reel Life

9 October 2008

The next time someone rails at you about how immoral gambling is, The Reel Life suggests you ask them to redirect their outrage toward AIG. On Sept. 16, the U.S. government rescued the troubled insurance firm with a $85-billion loan. From Sept. 22-30, the company spent $442,115.50 (see the invoice) for a retreat for independent life insurance agents at the St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach in Dana Point, California. And on Oct. 8, the U.S. government agreed to loan AIG another $38 billion. So if someone close to you wants get on their moral high horse, tell them to get mad at the dopes at AIG who held the retreat -- and spent more than $23,000 on spa treatments -- while accepting over $100 billion in loans from U.S. tax payers. That's the real outrage.

Get in the fast lane grandma, the Bingo game is ready to roll!

Jackpotjoy just givin' away money!

Last week, Surrey's Partick C won £185,942 playing bingo at Jackpotjoy. And one Jackpotjoy player (yet to be disclosed) won £240,465 playing Diamond Bonanza.

The Deal or no Deal jackpot is sitting at £255,412, so if you're feeling lucky (well, are you?), try your hand at beating the banker. Who knows, you might become a very, very rich person.

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