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The Plaza Hotel and Casino improves energy efficiency

13 December 2017

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Plaza Hotel and Casino is updating its exterior lighting and taking it to a whole new level.

The property is the first in downtown Las Vegas to make the switch from cold cathode lamps to energy efficient LED sign lamps. This change provides a more traditional, warm lighting effect throughout the Main Street walkway and North Tower waterfall.

The LED lamps, installed by local lighting company YESCO, mimic the true color and look of the iconic incandescent lightbulbs used years ago. The lights will replace the cold cathode lamps that were installed during the property's 2011 renovation. At the time, cold cathode lamps helped to save energy, but their look sacrified aesthetics. The LED lighting offers the opportunity to achieve both energy efficiency and a warm atmosphere.

The lighting project will see thousands of lightbulbs replaced individually as well as a comprehensive hand-cleaning of the lighting ceiling panels. The canopy on Main Street alone contains 23,000 three-watt cold cathode lamps, to be replaced with 1.5 watt LED lamps. Additionally, North Tower waterfall lights have been retrofitted. The letterset and arms above the tower contained 3,700 three-watt cold cathode lamps and were replaced with 1.5 watt LED lamps.

These enhancements are projected to save over $24,000 annually on energy and maintenance costs. The project is estimated to be complete by February 2018.

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