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SugarHouse team members create Philly's newest casino game

30 April 2014

PHILADELPHIA -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- There’s a new Craps game in town that is being played exclusively at SugarHouse Casino. “Props & Hops,” a variation of Craps that debuted in the country earlier this month, was created and developed entirely by two SugarHouse Casino team members—Mark Grochala and Tom McCann.

The process of inventing a casino game is long and expensive, and typically only done by companies who are in the business of creating and selling patents on games. SugarHouse leaders, however, saw potential in the team members’ idea, and decided to shepherd them through the process of getting the game up and running at Philly’s casino.

“Props & Hops” is a more streamlined, simplified version of Craps, so it will make the game more accessible to those who have never played. It will serve as a good introduction to the long-played game that became popularized among soldiers during World War II.

“Craps can often be a confusing game,” said Grochala, who is a table games supervisor at SugarHouse. “And one day, Tom, who has been a dealer since grand opening, threw out an idea on how the game could be made easier for newcomers looking to learn Craps.”

Upon hearing McCann’s notion, Grochala brought his Craps variation idea to Vice President of Gaming Rose Cook, who encouraged the two to pursue the path of getting the game approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

After closely reviewing the game and SugarHouse’s requests to have it at Philly’s casino, the gaming board approved it for play on the gaming floor. “Props & Hops” went into operation on April 1, and SugarHouse is offering free lessons for guests.

“Most team members wouldn’t have the background knowledge or finances to get an idea like this off the ground,” said Cook. “But at SugarHouse, we love to think outside the box and support our team members in any way possible. And we’re glad we did, because now we are thrilled to have a new game offering just for our guests.”

Philly’s casino has an exclusive on hosting “Props & Hops” through October 1, at which time Cook expects the game to gain momentum nationwide. Since some states do not permit dice games, “Props & Hops” is a great alternative because it can be adapted as a card game.

“I appreciate our management helping us bring ‘Props & Hops’ to life,” McCann said. “It’s exciting to see people playing our Philly-born game.”

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