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Study Offers Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korean Casino Patrons

26 June 2001

SEOUL, Korea – June 26, 2001 –As reported by the Korea Herald: "The different behavior of foreign visitors to Korean casinos provides a glimpse into their respective ethnicity and culture, according to a study released yesterday.

"The comparative study, conducted on foreigners from various countries visiting Seoul's largest casino, open only to foreigners, found similarities and differences in behavior across cultures.

"…`It is important to understand the dispositions of diverse nationalities in order to establish an effective marketing strategy for a foreign casino,' said Kim Seong-sup, the director of the study at Sejong University. `We can thus better serve foreigners from various countries by accommodating facilities that meet their needs.'

"According to the survey, conducted by a research team of the Hotel and Tourism Business Administration department at Sejong University, westerners, including Americans and Europeans, enjoyed trying challenging new games, while the Japanese tended to demand a detailed explanation of the rules.

"…While the Japanese readily followed the dealer's instructions, overseas Koreans and Chinese, which included those from Taiwan and Hong Kong, did not.

"Overseas Koreans, particularly, complained most often to the dealers.

"Westerners, the Japanese and Koreans preferred playing alone, whereas the Chinese, Filipinos and Thais not only enjoyed gambling with others but also watching others gamble.

"…The survey also found that the Japanese were the most generous tippers.

"The Chinese took the most time making bets, while the amount varied drastically from low to high…"

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