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Stroke Victim Thrown Out of Casino

28 January 2004

AUSTRALIA – As reported by the Australian: "A stroke victim was thrown out of a Territory casino because bouncers thought she was drunk.

"But the woman claimed yesterday she had consumed one beer and her medical condition had made her look intoxicated.

"Registered Nurse Catherine Kemp, 47, felt 'humiliated, denigrated and discriminated against' after the incident at Lasseters Hotel and Casino in Alice Springs.

"…She was asked to leave the bar area by security staff because she appeared to be intoxicated.

"…'When I get tired my gait is slightly unsteady but I don't fall over - my speech becomes very slurred but you can still understand me and I'm not able to carry anything in my left hand,' Ms Kemp said.

"…'I'm trying to battle with the side effects of a stroke and then to be accused on top of that of being a drunk and a liar.'

"Lasseters Hotel/Casino general manager Michael Lucas said they had not discriminated againt Ms Kemp…"

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