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Soap Stars a fun variation on Top Trumps

10 April 2008

With the classic British card game Top Trumps regaining popularity, let's introduce you to Cyberslotz's online version Soap Stars.

You are dealt 30 cards. Each card has a picture of soap actor or actress and their numerical "statistics." Stats include age, length of service, romances, sex factor, villain rating and up and coming. All you have to do is select a stat from the card that you predict will be beat the stat from your opponent's or dealer's card. The Unlimited Accumulator allows you to increase your winnings for each correct prediction with a 'push'. Starting with 30 cards in the deck, the concept is to try and win the entire deck.

Players enter the starting stake using the '+' and '-' buttons and then click on the PLAY button to start the game. The game begins by revealing your first card and displaying the six choices of statistics you can select along with their relevant payouts. Also visible is the card counter which shows how many cards remain in the deck.

As you roll over a statistic (and its possible payout) you will see that the PAYS button displays the monetary value that you will win if your chosen statistic is higher than the hidden card. Once your chosen statistic has been pressed the opponents card is revealed and the relevant statistics are compared. The highest number wins the hand.

This is a fun alternative to the classic slots game, and definitely worth checking out.

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